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  1. I have to master illustrator like that!
  2. I'm still working on my concept. I thinking about scratching my original concept. Here is a preview of the shading I've added. And here's a rough preview of the direction I might go in.
  3. Yeah I noticed that after SND gave me some pointers. I went back to the picture of the original bear and notice I over exaggerated on the eyes. I'm in the process of reworking some things now.
  4. I'm trying to take it in a different direction now with the wordmark. I have to make it look halfway decent since SND did such a great job. Yeah the pen tool has been hard for me to master. But so far with this logo I haven't used illustrator. I hand drew everything except the wordmark.
  5. You make mine look like a first grader made it. :-( Good job!!!
  6. Thanks! I'm still working on the hair.I'm trying to give it a clean uncluttered look. Unlike the Vancouver Grizzlies logo.
  7. I thought I would give the Memphis Grizzlies logo a shot. I actually like their current logo (a little) but I feel like it's not aggressive enough. So, this is a very rough copy of the look I'm going for. Feel free to comment and critique. I am still very new to sports logo designs and would like constructive criticism to get better. I have also added another color, because I read somewhere on this forum that the Grizzlies are suppose to change their colors to Black/Gold.
  8. In his first post he stated that he was new to the site, and new to Illustrator and wanted constructive criticism, how is saying this constructive?I agree with walkerws, the mouth is off, seams to big for his face. The curve you have on the side of the hat on the brim could go away, I've never seen a cowboy hat like that, should be rounded from front to back. The curve in the hat can go. It's just something I took from Yosemite Sam after he would get in a shootout. It was just a way to show the cowboy has been in a battle. Also should I just get rid of the teeth and just go for a Washington Redskin type of mouth?
  9. Ah, the Wilford Brimley. Update
  10. A little too much inspiration from the Desperado logo. Don't get me wrong, it's a solid logo. But I am not sure the Cowboys would want a logo reflecting something that resembles the Desperadoes logo that much. That's how I felt when drawing it out. But there are not too many ways to depict a cowboy ,and still try to keep some of the Dallas Cowboy's tradition, without crossing into looking like the Desperados.
  11. I'm new to the community and to Adobe Illustrator. I have a little bit of experience with photoshop, but the whole logo design thing is new to me. I'ne only been doing this for a week and working on my second design. The reason I chose the Dallas Cowboys is because I feel like the whole organization needs a face lift. (From the owner to the waterboy) A got a lot of the inspiration from the Dallas Desperados and also stayed with the Cowboys old star and added a little bit to the font. Would love constructive criticism.
  12. These mockups look great. Nike needs to do the something like this with the uniforms.