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  1. Wait for this one!!!! *drumroll* LOS ANGELES SMOG! Yea yea?
  2. Seriously.... these are extremely fun pennant flags to have in a home or even better in a mancave! I love every detail applied to the teams! I can't wait til NL teams and maybe minor league teams?! Keep up the great works!
  3. I love every one of these designs except for Nickel City logo... I really don’t know why I wasn’t feeling any of it toward to the logo. Was it the antler part or what? I just can’t quite point it out, really. Perhaps you’d figure that one out or not. Still every single of are great and well done!
  4. Ah the logo in middle should be a bit smaller since it is the center circle. Plus the center line along with rectangular line are supposed to be white. The green inside 3 point arc should be more pale then you are good. Also the three point were at high school distance before it moved up to 20 foot.
  5. To think that Miami Dolphins looked alot better as a hockey team rather than football...
  6. Calgary Ranch FC? I mean normally it is a cowboy/rodeo city right? Maybe I ought to shut up...
  7. Very nice! No words can describe on how you did with these! Nice works!
  8. Damn..... that Alaska FC emblem is way nicer than I'd imagine one for an Alaskan soccer team..... wow. Love it. I even love how you came up with York United idea. Nice going, dude
  9. Hahaha This is close as this one from Eyeshield 21 manga, one of the teams, Dinosaurs.
  10. I liked the bottom left logo with Deer in the circle. Both of them (Colors and One Color) are too good to pass up. Just a suggestion, try to enlarge the stars a bit more. However you could try incorporate the idea of putting both Lion and Deer in one logo. Make it looks as medieval animals on sides or inside the shield.
  11. JMtexan09


    huh that is a hockey stick's blade in the middle of the state of Pennsylvania but suggestion on the league logo just need better improvement. It is hard to tell with that much of blank area where the blade is originally. Keep working on that as others would say. Stags logo - good start but would like see how the uniforms look like. Overall, great start and keep on working!
  12. Holy.... that is perfect for LA Rams team, they should have that as their monogram for uniforms and others. That clearly is the best one you came up with, Crosby!
  13. This is too good a logo to be passed up. This is a great start to present this work for a new team. I am looking forwardto see how the uniforms look like!