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  1. Any chance on doing uniforms, @mcrosby ?
  2. And a Mike Alstott one too! Looking at him, he looks scary when he is running at ya! Hahaha
  3. Yessssss that works! Using fishing line as script is brilliant!
  4. I am loving the bottom logo best that it really stands out. Yellow outline take out the look of how it should be represented. Great work, dude! Hope there are more in future on this!
  5. Mannn..... the home kits for Utah Royals FC is gorgeous and i would want to buy one for my kid who loves playing soccer.
  6. That is alotta better right now!
  7. Nice stuffs, i am curious on how Titans helmet looks like with red stripes instead of white
  8. I would love to see Ducks in purple (eggplant) again but very curious to see how you do
  9. That is alot better than Jaguars' crappy downgrade uniforms after the best design in 2017
  10. (Pardon my language) Dammmmnn, Express uniforms are much nicer than what they had originally! Maybe you should do the same sleeve style on the helmet rather than gradient part? I am rather curious on how it looked like if you have the time to do that. Again, great works
  11. Put in LOS ANGELES on top between C and S. It looks too good in first 3 jerseys. I'd like to see how it goes
  12. New York Gargoyles or Empires? Knights is other way to do that. Gangsters why not? Pay tribute to the movie Gangs of New York haha Metrostars Metrodogs Protectors
  13. My God..... this is even better for a fan club! I absolutely love this idea, Kraken crew/brew is genius, dude.... seriously i hoped i get a shirt out of that!