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  1. Austin Hurricanes? Austin isn't even close to any coastal sites. They are famous for bats at Congress bridge. You should go with Austin Bats
  2. My suggestion on pants, just use ACU without bear on it
  3. My suggestion for Netherlands' last 2 jerseys to be just Netherlands on the jerseys
  4. Chicago Union with all that works are made so well! I liked them all! Good work, dude!
  5. Try Netherlands, Australia, and perhaps Canada?
  6. Love the Detroit's D logo! But why no white color on them?
  7. Ever thought of doing Michigan Panthers style helmet for Stallions???
  8. I am digging these B More, International, and Dark Sleeves jerseys alot, these are very well-designed. Can't wait for more!
  9. I liked the left one, it make the design looked easier for younger fans to draw up the banner in a game. But really great works!
  10. To be honest, AAF did provide alot of opportunities for most of players to prove their worth to NFL scouts and they did put the teams in cities which they could have had pro football teams. Birmingham, San Deigo, San Antonio, Salt Lake City and Memphis. I absolutely wish that NFL went on and adopted all 8 teams into the league immediately to form a 40-teams league. They could relocate 3 teams (Legends to Louisville, Hotshots to either Oakland or Sacramento, and Apollos to St. Louis to be renamed as Archers with same logo) Now that's the dream league..... shame that AAF folded and they had best logos and beautiful uniforms! Such wastes....
  11. I did watched that game few years ago but it did gotten more foggy and the cameramen had to down to lower decks to catch all the action. You couldn't actually watch any action from top
  12. Dunno if one ever mentioned that San Antonio Spurs played in Alamodome before the AT&T Center was built? I mean I have been there once and only half of that stadium was being used to this game....
  13. To be honest, as much as I missed the era of San Jose SabreCats and Arizona Rattlers, AFL should try to spread most to the Eastern cities such as Virginia Beach, Richmond, Charleston and Providence. That would help to grow the league. That's my 5 cents thought