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  1. 19 hours ago, B-mer said:

    Something like this?  I know the black and eggplant blend together but I went for a fairly straight callback to it.  It also kind of works with the black in the logo.  All i changed on that was the triangle to eggplant.  I gotta say i actually like it more than i thought i would.


    I suppose another option could be to swap black for eggplant and mix in silver?  now that i have it i can play around with colors more. 



    Trippy! It isn't that bad lol

  2. These are good, have you tried blending the original Mighty Ducks jersey (the green jersey) with the colors (Eggplant and Jade combo) and duck logo you have together? I have been wondering how it really looks like.

  3. Raysox! How great to see this guy with all the fantastic concepts! I am digging San Antonio Armadillos concept alot! You should put in an armadillo somewhere, maybe a club logo? But still amazing works as always! I am still looking forward to Nashville and Montreal concepts

  4. It is purely genius! But seriously having a solid ice rink in Florida, especially if it is in Miami or Tampa Bay, they gotta be finding a way to get ice from melting. Maybe if there is actually Iceman around, he probably would keep it cold all day long, haha

  5. I actually liked how you handled the Falcons wordmarks and numbers. They were well done. The uniform template is great and seemingly easy to use, but it is your own template. They are great! 


    On other hands, the Cardinals pants i liked them, but jerseys need a bit of flair. Falcons uniforms are well done. Maybe 2 stripes might work well but again it is good to me.


    Great works, dude! Looking forward to see more!

  6. You literally pulled out a trick out of the magic hat and it came out perfectly great! These are nicer "downgrade" for the Red Wings and yet these are probably the best sets that a team should adopt. Logos and wordmarks are purely well done. Great works!

  7. Wow this is beautiful work, i loved how you put up the wordmarks together. Honestly if the team in past actually seen these artworks, i am sure that they would be preferred these over what they had, no question. I wondered if there are any plans on doing next teams?

  8. 18 hours ago, mcrosby said:

    Before the order to stay at home, I found myself a classic Madison Muskies jacket (sewed the front patch on myself). This gave me the itch and I've rebranded the Muskies as though they never gave way to the Madison Hatters, Madison Black Wolf, and eventually the Madison Mallards. Eat your heart out, Brandiose. 







    I am loving the bottom logo best that it really stands out. Yellow outline take out the look of how it should be represented. Great work, dude! Hope there are more in future on this!

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