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  1. Would this be better? Anyone have C&C? That works out alot better. I like it alot
  2. love the entire concept! I liked the howling wolf better for the primary logo, but the updated court -- just remove the tree cuz it is bit too much to me. I dunno it just remind me of Oregon's crazy court design.
  3. whoa.... Kings and Nuggets are alot better and huge upgrade!
  4. Ummm..... Just wondering which font is the current Dallas Mavericks using? Not the older one, it is difficult to find the font same as Mavericks wordmark in their main logo or the Dallas wordmark on uniforms
  5. you gotta do the original teams like Spirits of St. Louis and Buffalo Braves
  6. Make the return of original team - Spirits of St. Louis!
  7. whoa........................... (rewinding) (pause) (play) whoa,......................... (setting it as loop) whoa.........................
  8. There are some different logos of NY Cosmos made by others already
  9. hey guys i have been trying to find a football helmet template exactly as my signature banner (Ole Miss vs TCU) below do you guys mind pinpoint me to that template please thanks!
  10. whoa...... it would be a great logo for either Dallas Desperadoes or Las Vegas Outlaws team.... i have to say it again....... whoa.
  11. How did Adidas come in terms with NHL since the company rarely make hockey supplies??
  12. Ah the sun! The SUUUUNNN! now that is a nicer logo there! sorry i just had to pick up my sunglasses!
  13. ouch lol i thought it was hilarious when it happened that day. Good one dude!
  14. after seeing this video, I was amazed to see how the logo of capital was made. I need that kind of practice as an artist,
  15. Survivors One of the flag football teams came up with that name fyi
  16. i liked the Lakers update very modern than the old one!
  17. Aces will soar! Break the limits in the air...... eh i mean the ice! I really loved Aces logo and everything applied to what it represents. I just cannot stay away from that Aces video, it is too good to resist! hahaha
  18. Firestorm, Atom, Captain Atom, Plastic Man, All Lantern Corps, Hawkman, Steel, Cyborg, Metal Men, Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, Challengers of the Unknown, many others.
  19. Captain Marvel btw not Thunder lol
  20. Maybe just make Royal blue change to darken navy blue? Maybe that would avoid the similar to Texas Rangers' colors. but I liked putting a star on letter T. Overall i liked how it goes with the name Lonestars, it suited a Texas team well
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