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  1. That is alot better than Jaguars' crappy downgrade uniforms after the best design in 2017
  2. (Pardon my language) Dammmmnn, Express uniforms are much nicer than what they had originally! Maybe you should do the same sleeve style on the helmet rather than gradient part? I am rather curious on how it looked like if you have the time to do that. Again, great works
  3. Put in LOS ANGELES on top between C and S. It looks too good in first 3 jerseys. I'd like to see how it goes
  4. New York Gargoyles or Empires? Knights is other way to do that. Gangsters why not? Pay tribute to the movie Gangs of New York haha Metrostars Metrodogs Protectors
  5. My God..... this is even better for a fan club! I absolutely love this idea, Kraken crew/brew is genius, dude.... seriously i hoped i get a shirt out of that!
  6. I love all those 3, @sparky chewbarky! I wondered what is the update on Seattle expansion in NHL???
  7. Even better than nothing! It is clean and simple at least to be able to do alot of designs on this template! Thanks!
  8. I would love it if it also come in as EPS file too
  9. I like the San Antonio Marshals design! Good work
  10. Just thicken the lines inside the soccer ball then you definitely got it
  11. I agree with @vtgco on fluers and horse to be swap places. Colors as well needed to be better. Not that it is a bad start. But good draft work really. My only concern is that the wordings is too small to look at. So my suggestion for the middle circle with Arch/wave/horse to be shrink down abit then enlarge the wordings same as fluers on sides to be enlarged. I think it will make it looks alot better. Maybe put in shadings as well on fluers
  12. I like how you went with Austin City as name of team but I am assuming that you decided on using Violet color for the team????
  13. San Antonio Fiesta SC is something I could think of Austin Bluebonnet FC? Austin Violets FC? - In the late 19th century, Austin was known as the "City of the Violet Crown," because of the colorful glow of light across the hills just after sunset. (Wikipedia)
  14. Perhaps Kentucky Colonels and Spirits of St. Louis!
  15. San Antonio Fiesta SC? At least something opposite from NE Curse. San Antonio Express is the actual name of the city's newspaper
  16. Just imagine the hocus pocus songs come in when they score or whatsoever...... that'll get every opponents feeling weird about it.... lol
  17. Wow never thought about removing silver out of Falcons' color scheme to stand out. The red helmet works so well
  18. I love every detail on Oylimica logo. It is all right on 3 teams in California looked too similar. Unless if you are planning on a change of colors on San Diego logo. You gotta try to do AAF's San Diego colors on it. Think it might stand out better?
  19. Austin Hurricanes? Austin isn't even close to any coastal sites. They are famous for bats at Congress bridge. You should go with Austin Bats
  20. My suggestion on pants, just use ACU without bear on it
  21. My suggestion for Netherlands' last 2 jerseys to be just Netherlands on the jerseys
  22. Chicago Union with all that works are made so well! I liked them all! Good work, dude!
  23. Try Netherlands, Australia, and perhaps Canada?
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