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  1. haha 75 bucks, wish it was today's price for the Super Bowl games. BUT it is ridiculously higher every year! the 40th Victory Bowl ticket is nice and simple
  2. I agreed with Zeus, it is alot modren but still using its classic look. A very sharp work there, buddy! Keep it up
  3. I gotta admit that this series is alot fun
  4. i wondered about Bears, Jaguars, Bengals, and Lions. they all should be cubs. keep it up dude. For the Viking kid, try to have other one with a smile?
  5. I love on how you come up with the idea of rugby league! Giants could have gone with Babe the Blue Ox. Since it matched with the colors. But hey great works!
  6. you could try to sharpen up the outlines and it could looks alot better without tiny curvy corners. But I liked how you come up with GC interlocked logo for the baseball team.
  7. Just wondering how is it made of inside the crest's circle? FC but what other letterings in it? I am just wondering. Jersey is nicer with a bit of wavy stripes which normally never see much of it. nice works. You gotta ask @raysox since he had done alot of soccer crests since.
  8. This is an incredible work done by ya! Nice going, dude!
  9. just wondering if it works for Adobe Illustrator???
  10. Just one little suggestion on the logos, try thicken the outline and it should come out the best as you came up with! I am looking forward to next one! Nice start on this!
  11. This is awesome start! Love the league logo
  12. Hey @Go Red Sox!, I was just thinking of using the original colors of the logo to your design. it might help alot. and maybe try other one with the same first design which you did originally by changing the blue to purple? Try it out. #1 -- Use the colors from that logo to your logo. #2 -- try other one by switching blue to purple. doesn't hurt to try
  13. Can I give you a hug, Sparky? These are huge improvements on Senators and Predators! I'm speechless to see these accomplished in a while!
  14. Yes I'd agree with ekeown, this looks good for Spurs! Nice going
  15. whoa Lions' logo are even better than I had dreamed of! Nice one dude. How about trying to put in the shaded logo on the helmet and try to add some shades on the uniforms as well? Doesn't hurt to try. Just making a new element of the uniforms
  16. Oh I love this! The update for Dragonkings are pretty good! This is a good way in start of doing designs on almost unknown league any where in world. Even though you could do a soccer or basketball league for Pacific Ocean Islands. But this is a great start! What I am hoping to see are Naja and Power!
  17. A purple TCU helmet in grey background???
  18. Sportslogos.net better excuse this foul language I am about to say DAMN GOOD JOB, SPARKY, ON PREDATORS AND DUCKS!!!! Honestly I don't think that anyone would says anything lousy about toward to your works but with Predators and Ducks' improved logos, now that's what you just did to make any team to looks better! Brilliant job, dude. Senators.... need do better, though.
  19. The bottom right definitely, it is way better and still sticking to the original. I'm hoping to see the color backgrounds along with thickened outline. Nice works, dude
  20. It is a pretty great upgrade from the original logo is what i'd say! Nice works but just one thing needed to work on is the white outline in navy and green background. it just need to be thicken little more. again nice going!
  21. Wow.... this really suits a Texas team..... i am loving the crazy pattern in the field too! It is close to Rangers team but still I love it
  22. Hmm.... the Winter Classic logo just needed more works into it. I dunno, but it is just that it needed something that grab everyone's attention to the logo.
  23. Whoa these are nicer sets along with these wordmarks that really suit the teams. Only one question, how was Houston, TX, team selected for this league? I would have recommended El Paso, TX as only team in Texas which would have made sense for all Western teams. And this is also actually an surprising part, no California teams? I understand that it is in Baja California but none in actual state of California? I am also curious on why? Keep up the good works, dude!
  24. Yea What's wrong with the ideal names of Drillers or Roughnecks???
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