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  1. My suggestion on 76ers's stars placements. As you did mentioned of 3 stars on left sides and 4 on the right side of pants. I was thinking of putting the 13th star on the neck either front or back yoke. Then it is more balanced there. But overall on entire league, great job!
  2. Umm.... Brooklyn Nets...... Brooklyn..... Buckets? Lol
  3. This would make alot of sense putting them with alot of affordable driving distances to each other without having setting up one in far west. No offense, Far Western people! But seriously these uniforms are nice. I am wondering if Beauts could use old Black/Red/Silver which Sabres used to have? I am loving Sirens alot. It fits the idea! Winnipeg and Ottawa are other ideal locations for teams to be honest. Nice works, Raysox!
  4. Sweet mama mia! that's some trophy right there! I could imagine a coach trying to lift it up, only that would seems to which it would be lying down on the coach after attempting to lift it. Ouch.
  5. Oh man that's good ones! Even I loved how you did with Clash kits by putting in with the stripes on back
  6. Suggest to add ear(s) for the cat, it might looks alot better, @mcrosby
  7. This is genius! How about Vancouver Grizzlies colors??? Always wanted to see a Canadian team in ABA!
  8. Gorgeous helmets.... along with these gorgeous uniforms too. I'm liking every one of them.... dayum. Bet we would love to see the fields but we won't push you to that point. You have done an awesome job on these. It is pretty good enough for all of us to enjoy this series. Nice works, dude
  9. This is a pure design specific for a "Brooklyn" team, seriously pure. This is how they should have right now, not this very much of generic design they have right now.
  10. Whoa, it is a great series of crossover! It is been a while i have seen this kind of crossover, and it is a great one! Love every single of them!
  11. I am actually liking this one alot. Looks like fun to look at. Maybe a soft light of basketball court in the back ground?
  12. The original Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (both home and away!)
  13. Hey Mcrosby, have you tried a full front head logo?? Been wondering how it looked like. Sort like how Colorado State's logo is but without the circle if you catch my meaning?
  14. Wow it is a great logo this needed to be used for Navy's athletic programs. I liked how you chenged the colors to current colors as much i loved that anchor on the forehead. Great work, dude! But I hope everything get resolved soon with the this "idiot who stolen your work"
  15. seriously? I still liked the current logos as it is for Hooks (although I grew up in Corpus Christi and still think that Barracudas were the best team ever in Corpus Christi although folded in 1995 due to stupid situations), this retro logos can still be used as a throwback night or other.
  16. "Who is this mysterious Sparky Chewbarky? His presence could be felt all over the hockey concepts world last year as he produced an impressive amount of Las Vegas team concepts, and some fantastic ideas. Many of Knights concepts have a similar theme and color palette, which is notably very close to the four colors of the team’s eventual, official branding. Is this a chicken before the egg, situation? Could the franchise have been influenced by Sparky’s designs floating around the web? We may never know." Does this make you feel so mysterious to everywhere on earth, @sparky chewbarky??? Lol, I still feel that ACES is best name for Las Vegas rather than Knights.
  17. I liked where it goes, maybe you could do 2 more helmets (one blue with Eagle head and other with just FGCU logo on it) but these are well done
  18. (Coach): Ok gentlemen, as we are aware that we are playing against Minnesota United next week. We can do it! We can build our momentum into the game! Play with our hearts and souls out there on the battlefield! (Players): Yes, sir! (Coach): All right, gentlemen, we know there are multiple targets on the field as we must be certain we do it so accurately! (Player #1): Uhh.... there is one target on the field. You know, the opponents' goal? What are the other multiple targets? We know it is just one target..... (Coach): Idiot! [hand slam on the board] there are 12 targets on the field! Twelve! TARGETS! (Player #2): 12...? What exactly do you mean, coach? (Coach): 12, which are the goal and players! (Player #1): Seriously, coach, why the players too?? (Coach): They have these huge bullseyes on their chests! It is simple enough to understand that! Not only the goal, we must shoot the ball right on these targets as much as we can tire them out! Injury them for all I care! Interesting imagination...... lol
  19. I like all, but the alternative uniforms is bit too hard to see via TV if they played. Maybe darken the numbers and logos a bit more?
  20. that you could do the alternates' A badge with 4 stars in the side same as design C which I liked the best
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