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  1. In hind sight, a zero was not the best idea I've had.... as far as the template, I spent a solid half an hour looking for something that I liked, and this UA one was the only one I found. I appreciate your comments as well! And the RedBlacks do have plaid on all their uniforms, it may be hard to see, but the red stripes on the jerseys and pants are a plaid pattern.
  2. With a release date set for the official CFL Adidas uniforms, I've decided to redesign the league. Every team has at least 1 present (former?) uniform altered in some way. The template didn't include editable socks, and in an attempt to get this out as soon as I could, I just left them as is. Assume the socks would match the undershirt. BC Lions This is a combination of eras for the Leos. They return the the late 1990s / early 2000s silver helmets and pants, but take inspiration from the past in the jerseys. The orange with black number is a nod to the inaugural look for the team, and the sleeve striping is a modernization of their 1960s design. The alternate uniform is an all black look that is based off the popular set the Lions have worn the past few seasons, but with traditional striping to give it a retro feel as well. Calgary Stampeders The Stamps kept their home uniform almost identical to their previous look, only swapping the sleeve logo out for their alternate logo and changing their italicized font to a more traditional one. The road uniforms see a return of the red helmet. In fact, the away uniforms are now primarily white and red with only hints of black trim. Like the Lions, Calgary went with an all black alternate uniform after the popularity of their previous one. The alternate horse in horseshoe logo makes an appearance on the helmet. Edmonton Eskimos The defending Grey Cup champion Eskimos used the occasion to simplify their look. The home uniform switches to a more minimal striping pattern, and the road uniform ditches the green side panels, as well as the green helmet and pants that went with the previous look. The green helmets and pants would find a new home in the team's alternate uniform that features a less than appealing yellow jersey. Saskatchewan Roughriders The Riders are looking to bounce back from a sub par season, and their new look is a great first step. The side panels were removed, and horizontal sleeve stripes were introduced. The white helmets were ditched, but the Riders still have monochrome or green on white options available at home and on the road. Saskatchewan did not unveil an alternate uniform, but team management said the throwback uniforms worn for the last handful of seasons should be "expected to make an appearance" this season. Winnipeg Blue Bombers The Bombers could very well win the league re branding with this set. The team completed it's throwback trend (started with the logo in 2012) by returning to royal blue and vibrant gold. The jersey font changes, as well as the striping pattern which has a classic feel. Like their neighbours to the West, Winnipeg did not unveil an alternate uniform, but have asked the fans (*cough*, you guys, *cough*) to design one for the team to break out next season. Toronto Argonauts With their move into BMO Field complete, the Argos make some changes for the 2016 season. The early mid 1990s full Argonaut logo returns, but this time devoid of teal. The stripes move back to the shoulders and are similar to the 2005-2011 look. The home and away sets are otherwise the same as the previous look for Toronto. A vintage inspired powder blue alternate jersey was introduced as well. Hamilton Tiger Cats With the rest of the league going retro, the Ti Cats took a huge risk and modernized their look. The concept is still the same, but traditional stripes on the jerseys and pants were replaced by tiger patterned stripes. The alternate uniform even has the tiger stripes on the helmet (as well as the tiger head logo making it's helmet debut). The jersey in the alternate set has a US college feel to it with the horizontal stripe through the chest. Ottawa RedBlacks While the team's name is still.... well, not good, the same cannot be said about the new uniforms. The plaid stripes are now on every jersey and each pair of pants as well. To ensure that they are the RED blacks and not the BLACK blacks, the facemask, home uniform socks, and away jersey numbers, are now red. Montréal Alouettes The Alouettes completely overhauled their look after it remaining the same for the past decade. In a ying-yang blend of retro and modern, the Als welcome back red and white as the lone primary colours, as well as the wing on the helmets. While blue can only be found as a trim colour in the main set, Montréal's new alternate jersey is blue, very blue. It is a tribute to the province of Québec and will be worn for the team's home opener. Well, this was my quick attempt at a re designed CFL. I'd love to hear what you all think!
  3. That was originally the plan, but I felt that the jersey looked better with the black being more prominent. I usually prefer balance, but it looked better, in my opinion at least, like this.
  4. Day two of Nike uniform unveiling brings us out west. The Calgary Flames decided to listen to fans for their little rebrand. Gone is the black flaming C on the home jersey, and replacing it is the more popular white crest from the 90s. The uniforms are much simpler, and gone are the hated flag shoulder patches. The alternate logo created for the team's final Reebok 3rd jersey becomes the new full time shoulder patch. The Flames were also the first team to attempt a striped collar on the new Nike template. The team took the opportunity not only to unveil their new uniforms, but also to announce that Sean Monahan will be wearing an "A" on his jersey going forward. And last, but not least, the Flames showed off their new black alternate jersey featuring a unique striping pattern. The jersey, outfitted with its own matching set of pant covers, would end up being very popular among fans. Our next stop is in the Lone Star state with the Dallas Stars. The Stars decided to keep their current green look almost the same. The only difference was a black outline added to the numbers and the black text for the players name on the away jersey. The Stars did make an attempt at an alternate jersey, but Nike found a way to make it look awkward. The fans loved the look of the state of Texas logo on the black background, but not the jersey itself. The team ended up selling far more black t-shirts than jerseys and retired the sweater at the end of the season.
  5. They are thinner. As someone who owns both Reebok and Nike jerseys, the Nikes are definitely a slimmer fit.
  6. Thank you! Exactly the reaction I was hoping for
  7. I know what you mean. I don't like the Nike template at all.... but considering what my plan for this series is, I'm kind of stuck with it haha Thanks! And trust me, you'll see some really good designs going forward... and some that'll be REALLY bad. That's the whole point of the series.
  8. I have seen plenty of threads where people redesign a league using an new jersey manufacturer. In short, that's what I will be doing. However, instead of going out and designing the best looking jerseys I can for each team, I'm channeling my inner Nike designer and creating jerseys that I BELIEVE Nike would actually make for each NHL team. Which clearly means, some of these uniforms will suck. Some will look amazing. Some teams will fix their brands, others will destroy them. And of course, some teams will remain completely unchanged as they have for the past number of decades. For the sake of this series, I will be treating everything hypothetically, starting with the instructions given to Nike by the NHL: 1. Every team was given a home, away, and alternate jersey. The alternate can be an entirely new design or a throwback jersey. 2. Every team's uniform (MUCH to the disappointment of fans) featured the Nike flywire collar. 3. Nike was to put their swoosh logo on the back of the jerseys to leave room on the front for potential advertisers down the road. (Also disappointing to fans...) and finally, 4. Nike was to not redesign a teams logo or logo set, however, they were given the go ahead to change colours for a handful of teams as well as bring back some retired logos or promote alternate logos to primary marks for a handful of teams as well. To kick off our journey, we start with the Vancouver Canucks. No strangers to redesigning uniforms, the Canucks finally decided it was time to create a lasting brand image. Their Johnny Canuck logo was promoted to the primary crest of the team, and the orca whale was retired. The team made slight modifications to both their home and away jerseys, and retained their popular Vancouver Millionares throwbacks as the alternate, minus a few stripes on the sleeves. Overall the city of Vancouver is ecstatic! The Sedin twins and Kevin Bieksa modeled the new Nike looks in front a crowd at Rogers Arena, and jerseys began flying off the shelves at the team store. The Canucks had finally gotten it right. Our next visit is across the continent in Sunrise Florida. Aaron Ekblad, fresh off winning the Calder (yes, that's my prediction), modeled the new look for the Panthers. What fans were expecting was a return to the traditional, sharp uniforms worn through the 90s and early 2000s, but what fans got was Nike's version of Reebok's already lame template coupled with the resurrection of the logos from Florida's failed third jersey in the early 2010s. Gone is the full bodied Panther, and in is the modernized Panther head. Nike unveiled their first gimmick on these Panther's jerseys: sleeve logos beneath the TV number, a move welcomed by some and cringed at by others. The alternate jersey was instantly nicknamed the "BLA" as many can see why. Overall, the look was welcomed by young Panthers fan poised for a prosperous future, but hated by long time supporters who wanted the team to bring back the "glory day" uniforms. The rest of the league, however, doesn't seem to care what the Panthers are wearing as many anticipate the team relocating in the near future. Our last stop for the day takes us to Pittsburgh. The Penguins took the Nike redesign in stride and once again returned to the city's famous colour scheme of black and yellow (Sport Gold for those of you who think "yellow" isn't an athletic enough name for a colour). A video was released on the team's social media pages of captain Sidney Crosby wearing the new threads. Gone is the templated black and vegas gold, for good. The black jerseys received phenomenal reviews, however the fans were skeptical about the road whites, saying the jersey looked unbalanced. However, on the ice, the Penguins looked sharp, except that is in their yellow alternate jersey. Despised by fans, the team retired it and the end of the season and gave fans (you guys!!!!) the chance to design and submit a new one for the team going forward. Please, let me know what you think of the series so far, and let me know what teams you would like to see next! And feel free to submit some new Pens alternate jerseys as well.
  9. Only 1 entry per person, correct? I've got ideas for multiple teams that I would consider submitting.
  10. Reminds me of the old Lukko (SM Liiga) logo: I really like what you did though, it looks very sharp!
  11. With the Pens bringing out a new alternate jersey next year, I decided to take a stab at what I'd like to see. The "robo-penguin" logo was unique. It deserved more love. I feel the logo works well with this design. Let me know what you think.
  12. That looks solid! I love seeing white alternate jerseys, wish more NHL teams went with them.
  13. Personally, I think it looks much better without the contrail
  14. That looks great! As a Seahawks fan, I can't imagine the primary changing any time soon after the Super Bowl championship, but I'd be totally in favour of bringing in something like this as an alternate logo
  15. Loving both the Cards and Pirates set. Both slight varitions that really make a big difference. And going way back, that Braves BP hat you made, PERFECTION!