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  1. Great work. Love the updated Spurs unis. I wonder what they would look like with some of the color of their vintage logo incorporated....
  2. Gp asked for old TXST unis for his project....that's what I just did. Refer to #297 "I will be wrapping up Rice tomorrow and moving on to Texas State. My issue is this...finding early images of Southwest Texas State and even Texas State football uniforms, helmets, etc. The program has been around a long time, just not at the D1 level. If anyone can point me toward a source, any source, it would be great. I have a few images, but obviously I would like more to draw from. Thanks in advance. " - GP
  3. GP, you mentioned that you will still be completing the project for yourself. Regardless if you post the rest of the teams here or are some of the old/new TXST uniforms I found for ya. These are in no particular order.
  4. The thing is, I do "get it". I just don't agree with your view or what you're saying. However, now that I am familiar with the do’s and don’t's of the board, I will just PM the author/design next time instead of publicly – that might have been the better etiquette.
  5. You're talking about our attitude with an attitude?....Listen, GP called FCS Division II when it’s in fact Division I-AA (not like we made it up…its true we all know that now). This whole thing got blown up more than it should have (we can definitly take some of the blame). It’s not like we denied ever being Division II (we were back in the 80s), but D-II and FCS are two whole different divisions. Its a concept forum, yes. But it is still about FBS Texas teams. Most of us (Bobcats) are new to the concept board, so our bad if small details like that are commonly looked over. Why can't we move on from this? As far as your other comment, good for UTSA. Part of what a conference wants is a big TV market and UTSA has that being in the 7th largest city in the USA. On top of that, there is no denying they have worked their butts off to get where they are in a short amout of time and they have an awesome AD. No reason to be mad about any of that. We make the best out of the cards we are dealt.
  6. It would be great for someone to continue. It's a great concept and for what it's worth you did good work gp. However I would think there are other designers that might be able to continue lone star series concept.
  7. New account that was following the series, here. Not a duplicate of anyone else. An IP check will confirm that. My bad. Just a lot of first time posters in this thread. Myself included.
  8. How many accounts are allowed here? Good times. There are definitely some fake accounts being used. I realize how specious it looks because I am new to this board, but I have been posting on the TXST board for 3 years with the same name (also post on UTSA and Sun Belt boards at times w/ same screen name). Bobcatdis and Cat Mom are also long time posters. I feel like My_Name and UT_longhorn are just here to stir the pot even more than it already has been.
  9. Meh, I don't blame Bobcatdis. I just think its funny GotPixels still hasn't acknowledged he was wrong and moved on. I don't think anyone was trying to start a war or offend anyone. If anything, they were just trying to clarify that FCS and FBS are both division I (A and AA). There is in fact NCAA Football Division II and thats not FCS. To me it more so seems like GotPixels has a complex about being proven incorrect about his previous statement.