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  1. Ive been trying for ages to do a realistic looking Hall of Fame bust in photoshop. Below is a real one and one of my attempts. Does anyone have a better result that they could share with me their process?
  2. I was wondering if you could please send me this template:

  3. hello sir - i would really love to have the psd link for the file attachedĀ 

    if you are ever so kind please send to


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    2. imPRESSive


      Can I get this template please?

      Thank You!

    3. Maniac


      If you aren't annoyed already, would you please send me this template. I would be very grateful.

      Thanks in advance.

    4. Capece


      could you send to as well??? tks

  4. I almost put that it outdates it, but its been away for so long, and been on FSU's since '76 i believe, its just part of the brand at this point.
  5. (and i realize it's just a re-cloning of the old spear) it just seems like the spear on the helmet is a cheap rip off of Florida State's brand and something different should be done for Washington to make it their own. (Since they already pay the University to blast the FSU band playing the warchant in the stadium.)
  6. Im looking for this template. i've seen it used here a few times. will trade if anything needed.
  7. Ive long wanted this in NCAA as well. My biggest thing in dynasty mode that i always wished could be added was simple. I just simply wanted to be able to add the national championships to the side of the stadium as i won it, thats all. Years down the road after id won a few yet the stadium still says the old years always bugged me. It was always the little fun stuff like that, that meant more than the actual graphics to me. I'd give up the graphics for some more side fun stuff like that.
  8. i think it looks great... very well done. would love as well.
  9. I didnt see the "requests" board anymore? I'm not sure if it's been moved or done away with in the new design? but i have an image I desperately need traced in illustrator. I'm great with Photoshop but have not at all mastered illustrator and i know someone with better skills could do it quicker and cleaner than i would. I'll pay $20 via paypal if someone would be willing to trace the image for me. email me at or message me on here if you're interested... thank you!
  10. Brilliant work. Where do I get this template? I do not see a link here and it is not on your deviant art page (or I am missing it). EDIT: I did find this one linked below, but I like the one above best. Thanks. That link isnt working and i'd love this template. is it available anywhere else? (the one pictured above).
  11. Dearth have you done a helmet visor addition to that helmet template?
  12. I do. DM me your email address
  13. I'd love to request one: Team: Florida State Football Number: 4 Name: Hathaway
  14. its the old feather accents with the new font and the new numbers being white instead of gold with the new helmets.