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  1. Perfection all the way around. Love it
  2. AndrewSa888

    LA Rams

    I really like this. The current set looks really good in those colors. Especially the logo.
  3. Awesome! Way better than the current look, particularly the logo.
  4. Massive upgrade, particularly with the jersey number colors on the brown and white jerseys. Well done!
  5. My first thought on these uniforms is they look really wild but at the same time pretty cool. I like the white and black uniforms but I don't care much for the red but that's mostly because of the ugly "A" in the ATL script. Screams wild to me but not bad overall.
  6. Nice to see a Celtics court (even if it's just a concept) have the team name on the baselines. Refreshing from just seeing TD Garden all the time.
  7. Love it! Especially the blue uniform saying PHILA. Great!
  8. Much better than what they come out with. I could live with this.