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  1. Hey Austin. How are things going. I was working on the USFL fields, and getting the respective dates correct. When I found the GSL thread. I neved played in a Sim League, and not sure I could with my current schedule. But I came up with a concept. The Arizona Sol (Hey we have the Phoenix Suns, why not a "Play" on the word "Sun" LOL). I came up with a sort concept, wondered if it is OK to put it on the GSL Concept Thread.


    Standard Field (State Farm Stadium)


    "Eclipse" Field


    Have A great New Years! And here is praying this Covid "mess" gets cleared up too!

    1. pitt6pack


      Hi John, hope you are doing well, and had a great new years and holiday season.


      The GSL is taking place on the Gridiron Uniforms Database (see link):



      I like the concept, I think it would be one of the better ones in the GSL at this point. I don't think it would be a good idea to post it in the GSL thread, however, since another frequent member of these concept boards has claimed a team in Phoenix already, so I just wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea that I gave up their claim to the city.


      However, if you are interested in joining the GSL, you've got an open invitation. Most of the work involved with being in the GSL, is creating the team designs. After that, you just pick what uniforms and fields your team will have each week, once the schedule comes out, and that's it. The simulation happens automatically.


      If there wasn't a team in Phoenix already, you could use this team here. The other thing you could do to re-use most of this concept, and base the team in an open city, where the name and design makes sense. LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Albuquerque are already claimed, so that would probably mean using Miami. Obviously the colors and designs you have here are perfect for Phoenix, and wouldn't fit Miami as well, so you'd probably have to update those. Alternatively, if I don't hear back from the Phoenix owner by the submission deadline, I can give you this team in Phoenix. I may have gotten ahead of myself here, all this is only if you want to be a part of the GSL, but you've got an open invitation if you want it.



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