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  1. Very Sorry, new to the forums...
  2. My friends and I hold a yearly street hockey league (I am the owner) and we upload our games onto YouTube. I usually run all of the video and graphics myself but it can be a bit of a hassle for me. I was wondering if anyone would be interested to create some NHL motion graphics for us. If you can, I would need to be allowed to use them and I will give you full credit in the video. Our next game is TBL@BOS and we are the "Pittsburgh Street Hockey League" on YouTube.
  3. I dig these! I made one of RMU (Atlantic) awhile back, and thought I would share:
  4. Does anyone know where I could get the official looking championship banners and not the pixeled ones for the penguins, blackhawks, london knights, maple leafs, and even the WBS Penguins?