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  1. I don't think advertising helps much but I hope I am under consideration for MI or ROTY. I can't wait to see what happens here.
  2. can't wait to see how this goes as it is my first time around the block. I feel as if 2 or 3 people would almost take all the awards though.
  3. sad those look good alone and better with each other.
  4. Good points. I don't know why so many people defend him when it's very possible that he's a cheating benefactor. On this other site, these people keep saying that Elway (he got brought up because I have to defend him because these people think that he is the most overrated player ever) has no argument over Brady. That is nonsense. Brady got to his SB's because of his coach. Elway led Denver to three SB's in the 80's in spite of his coach, and after he retired with back to back titles, Shanny only won one playoff game. And isn't there a sizable home field advantage (even in the regular season) in favor of Brady in Brady vs. Manning? Not saying that home-field advantage is everything, but I wouldn't call it a non-factor. Manning is never good in the snow either and they had just cleared it out before the game. He isn;t used to his arm being cold which actually can be a difference maker.
  5. Your thinking 1999, this is 1978. They moved to Tennessee in '97 and were the Tennessee Oilers for two seasons before changing their name to the Titans in '99. oops wrong sb sorry i misunderstood
  6. If it was that easy it takes time, effort, & skill from your part to get there but it can be done. I would keep reading this site as there is alot to find just by reading & searching google for tips. I joined six months ago using an online program and got killed to death. I have been at it constantly ever since and now am starting to get good feedback
  7. I'm guessing it's his template and he's probably not ready to share it yet. he shared it but the link is broken
  8. he posted mine with credit but thats bc i have instagram. the best we can do is watermark stuff
  9. how do u put the number on to look like part of the jersey
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