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  1. My biggest gripe with this set is that it looks like if the Texans and the Colts had a baby.
  2. This is probably the best take I’ve actually seen on this board today.
  3. I don’t understand how they don’t look like the Patriots anymore. Sure silver pants could help their cause but they still look like the Patriots. If we want to simplify the changes in the jersey it’s the font, remove the early 2000s style piping and shoulder details, and add stripes. The helmet is the exact same as before. Most people will still recognize them as the Patriots fairly easily.
  4. For those of you who believe this is a downgrade, I don’t see why it would be. Sure there are some minor tweaks that could make these even better (make the stripes on the road B/R/B and add either a white or silver pair of pants) but I think this is a worthy upgrade for the Patriots.
  5. Yeah maybe they should stick with blue tops
  6. So has anyone seen anything at all about the Patriots new uniforms? Is this even confirmed at all with any dates, leaks, or general ideas about what’s coming? Or are we still speculating at this point?
  7. That Julio Jones jersey looks better than the Matt Ryan on the basis of the numbers. The 11 looks normal whereas that 2 looks awful. If they removed the “talons” from the number font, it would be much more presentable.
  8. White jersey with red side panels paired with red pants with black stripes is an abomination!
  9. Are you crazy?! The all white Color Rush is the Saints best uniform.
  10. They’re supposedly reducing the size of the helmet decal but we have not yet seen to what extent.
  11. If what you’re trying to say is that the new pewter doesn’t work well for the uniforms, I think you’re completely mistaken. This new pewter most definitely works for the uniforms and in fact is a worthy update over the early 2000’s set.
  12. I think this would make that uniform look too dark. The white numbers contrast well with the pewter.
  13. I actually prefer the new color. The old pewter was great for the early 2000’s but I don’t think it fits in 2020. But that’s just my opinion.
  14. The Buccaneers finally look like the Buccaneers again. They hit the ball out of the park with these uniforms. The Color Rush set would look even better with the orange added, however I think they look great as is. The article on the Bucs website also talks about how they WILL bring back the throwback creamsicle uniform when the helmet rule eventually gets changed.
  15. This is exactly why they WILL do this. I sincerely think they want to start a new tradition in this new stadium. The old tradition died in St. Louis.
  16. As much as people always like to throw in Mexico City as a relocation destination, I don’t think the NFL would ever actually expand there. I think we would see a team in Canada before they ever consider Mexico City
  17. I think the problem here is that most people believes it would not be a good Rams look having the segmented horn on the helmet. However, from what I’ve seen with how the discussion has gone regarding the Rams identity, I’m not sure there’s a really solid argument that the Rams going complete throwback (as most people wanted) was the way to go. The LA Rams are in need of a complete washing away of any reminiscence of the St. Louis brand. So a complete change in the way they go about the uniforms and logos was a necessity in the executives eyes. And they did just that. So is it a great helmet? It’s not amazing. Is it a new “twist” on an old classic Rams helmet that would help distinguish them from St. Louis even more? It’s definitely a possibility.
  18. I don’t know about anyone else but I think there is a good possibility that the Chargers could go the way of the Houston Oilers if they can’t get anything going in LA. I’m talking a new city, new name, new color scheme, and everything else. A move back to San Diego is highly unlikely at this point and they may be irreconcilable in the coming years.
  19. The Rams won a Super Bowl in St. Louis. Their Super Bowl win will always be tied there. But maybe that’s my Gen Z ignorance talking. I do believe there was no possible way that the Rams would’ve stayed. And I’m not sure St. Louis ever gets another NFL team anytime soon.
  20. That’s definitely a valid perspective for sure. Sadly, the ideal situation is never what actually happens in the NFL. The Rams definitely SHOULD still be in St. Louis, but with no new stadium to be approved, it was the best business decision for them to move. So I think it was inevitable that the Rams would return to LA. The Chargers, on the other hand should have never even considered moving to LA. In fact I think the Raiders returning to LA and possibly having the Chargers be the team to move to Vegas would’ve worked out better. But that’s just another option that was never going to happen.
  21. For everyone who is saying the Chargers are not drawing fans in Los Angeles, where do you suppose the Chargers should go instead? Should they return to San Diego? Or Should they relocate somewhere completely different? Edit: I believe the move to LA was purely a business move. It was never about the game or the fans. The team could not get San Diego to build them a new stadium so they decided to just piggyback on the Rams. They didn’t have to fight for their own stadium. They don’t have to worry about the upkeep of the stadium either. Is this the best decision for the fans? No. Is this the best decision for the team? We will see in the future.
  22. They should totally go with a red helmet like that! Looks great!
  23. The Cincinnati Bengals tiger stripe helmet is fantastic, iconic, and should never be changed!
  24. I really love that Atlanta Beat logo! The color scheme works surprisingly well. I would say that I prefer the 2nd option.
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