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  1. If they manage to slither under that bar, I’ll actually be impressed. But this logo isn’t good. The yellow failing to line up at the top of the A is sloppy, and I’m not optimistic about the new colors.
  2. Just got another one in History of a Fictional Football League: https://discovernature.today/imgm/index.php?brand=Apple&model=iPhone&cep=r07c9XVX5jCDewT1yYyAmUsU3g7Keh1IoF22HgF05gnIi2VYQBUGM3r9XupONGYE-k2_mAz4DuquNY905bByS0eJhh9ZD7vjL7lgF-x0f73FH1-XvEBWKTV0AQ4N4dqWYCGHk0JSQwHhKDMcnY2IdPCJ7GCH8xX12x0zhKx3qlUbRingr813sHWrzvIJJrPTgXXpWMBJQLzfgoVlZjxg23psif3iOJQUq77EVhSvmReIF4wlgaalXVMfW-r4fUeP_EspEpQDQrXbWEIsAYfk6oBye9Kvi0c_m5lm1CnklJI7rWVWUb6Lsbf0oNeNJojzOZNR3SnPzoNMGhco1ZiN1VxZay3d9W3eGKSuCSXLBlTp39OgJwyH_DByH8pHak4C-dkZQOF7JDiub_VfHvZ6VFRnIXxDThN5vvF7E2KRbL95uF9EficSdbqLJOzZ-gd0HQGA8Oi-RoI3jBHhltaWjPz3a9grS9CY_YYpLIo3fbUhIZIhwTrs73lELOO8xK25#
  3. I just got a popup while reading this very thread. I thought that I had inadvertently selected a screenshot that someone else had posted. https://app.co-c65.bid/claim/yt/index-2o-en-azwal-c3.html?region=Illinois&td=turtlehillvillas.com&brand=Apple&model=iPhone&cep=wR_2G05JugwcyzOFIYRAg5ucLwkKELH1nU4aMbOhrxGJpukZFLLSD5IUuKwQKXFIP8xEtL1jsRpZwNttmKVwtpxzMXPpfV_97T-qnv-VmVvuWzGtjkGR2MzlRqlk4nChk26oGoj_Sx7raGAZFXwmUXYE7rI-Ukw-QhzyL2pX9oX6nQc25tOdjewsPg9LAbK04ct951F7ncAx4paQEYC9z5qAH3szcvCJ7vqMd0KmQzDnzx8DdM2BOVxlniB0B9iu5IAjWHw7LnITLRFfoZY12V4LSb6R6lMpZHm5_P-H6h01pcdCJIAOcacYKGPTjXbkC8Ir6FpEC4pCggSbfOyjH8yXPMGMqfLF4IA8ZdXzSfRnpF4pG-8MFy2HHgl_lgzsJ2hPAp4lSJO6GcXF5XyUROPXvirUkAM4fIZJQgnAmKUgQFFmOSWqWLwfMYS9aXhnGHY8Aipw96jmU7pW9RKr-A#
  4. I appreciate the empathy and the kind words. It's been a struggle for sure, but I feel better than I have in a long time (not that that's a high bar to clear, lol). I'm looking forward to writing and designing again. That's an interesting through. I wouldn't want to rotate the whole thing, because it would just look off. I could modify it slightly so that, instead of spiraling toward the center, the top of the shape stays level and the lows just don't go as low. It would have a shape kind of like this: Even though I did talk about ups and downs being part of the process, I had also thought about moving toward the center as finding balance, and going where I'm aiming for. I did consider an upward spiral at one point, but I preferred ti going forward. Either way, thanks for the insight. I'll definitely play with the shape when I have some time.
  5. Thank you for the kind words. Things are definitely improving. In fact, I only have one week of intensive outpatient therapy left. I also have a 40-hour per week job now, so hopefully it will free me up to start writing and designing again once I'm not doing 9 hours of counseling every week. I hadn't thought of that, but I like it. I don't take any offense to the suggestion, but I'm not LGBTQ+ (okay, I'll admit to a slight attraction to Taye Diggs, but that's about it). I used rainbow colors because I wanted to add an element of change to the spiral, and the colors are arranged the way that they are for a reason, other than the fact that I only had like 10 colored pencils. This is the original drawing, which I think will make what I was going for much more clear: I wasn't just going for change, I also wanted to show going from cool, dark colors to warmer colors as the spiral moved forward. The purple to blue downward transition actually has special significance. When I drew this, I was absolutely certain that my wife and I were splitting up (whether or not that happens is still up in the air, but it looks better now than it did then). Purple is her favorite color. More than that, she is also an artist (much better than me), and she has frequently used that same deep purple color to represent herself in her work. So the beginning of the spiral is me moving away from her, and falling into a low, blue point. I don't want my marriage to end, and if it does, it will be pretty tough for me to get through. But I know that, even if worst comes to worst, I'll eventually bounce back. It may take me a while to heal, but I know that eventually, that coldness will dissipate, things will turn around, and someday I'll feel warm again. As for getting a copyright... I'm not sure. I mean, I think this is an interesting illustration, but I don't think it's that good. Plus, I wouldn't even begin to know how to go about doing that, much less promoting and spreading it. It's not like I'm qualified to speak at conferences or anything like that (well, not in the mental health field, anyway). I definitely appreciate the extraordinary praise that you've given me and it, but that's all a little grand. I'm just looking for something to remind me to avoid stepping backwards and losing myself in depression and anxiety again.
  6. This may be a little heavy and personal, but bear with me. Over the past few months, I've been struggling with severe anxiety and depression. At the same time, a lot of things in my personal life have been crumbling, and things got bad enough that I spent Monday through Thursday in an inpatient treatment program. During one education session a few weeks ago, a counselor talked about how depression leads people to engage in certain behaviors (isolating themselves, for example), that causes deeper depression, which leads to more depressed behavior, and so on. It is a downward spiral. That really resonated with me, and over the past few weeks I've been doodling a shape that looks a little like this. When I was in inpatient, I got bored with a session, flipped over the paper they gave me, and drew another downward spiral. Once it was finished, I started spinning the page around, and realized that the spiral doesn't have to point down. It still looks good pointing up, or left, or right. It doesn't have to represent inevitable misery and failure. By coincidence, the next session was an art therapy kind of thing, and we were told to draw our ideal life five years from now. With my personal life in chaos, I couldn't do anything specific, because I have no idea where I will be or what I will be doing in a month, much less five years. So instead, I cleaned up and colored my forward spiral. Sometimes it goes up, and sometimes it goes down. It's always changing, but it's always moving forward, and it's always getting closer to the middle: closer to where I want to go. Just because I'm at a low point now doesn't mean that I always will be. In fact, an upswing is inevitable, and even though I know I will have low points again, I can keep going. I like my original, but I didn't exactly have a lot of materials to work with, so I want to recreate it digitally and have it printed as a poster. With more time and access to Illustrator, I was able to try it in a few different styles. If I'm going to pay to have it printed, I want to make damn sure that I've got it exactly right, so first of all, I'm asking for C&C on the shape itself, as well as on which version is best. I also don't have a lot of experience with having things that I've designed printed, so if anybody has any tips for that, it would be greatly appreciated. To save space, I'm only posting small versions here. Click on the version number for a higher-quality look. Version 1 - The Original. This one looks almost exactly like what I drew in the hospital. Version 2 - No outlines. I removed the outlines, and let shading alone create the slight 3D effect. Version 3 - Black. The only materials that I had available was an ink pen, 8 colored pencils, and a tub of markers. If I were to start from scratch and do it by hand, I would want to use oil pastels on black paper. I don't have access to those things, which is why I'm doing it in Illustrator instead. This is close to what I imagine it looking like. Thanks you for your time.
  7. That's nothing. Where would you have put your hands when holding campaign signs for Dick Swett (D-NH) or Harry Baals (R-IN).
  8. I was going to suggest making that change on the image.
  9. Looks great, though is the Colts ear hole supposed to be white? The other teams all match the background.
  10. Those two end zones on the same field looks ridiculous. The Eagles look small and weak compared to the Patriots, and... this is actually a pretty good metaphor for the game.
  11. @Saintsfan017/@nola field lover Between your two accounts, you've made this request/comment 24 times in the past year, including several which have been redacted by the mods. Maybe you could assume that everybody in the thread is aware that you prefer team colors at the 25's, the two-point conversion line, and red and blue at midfield? (Props for using your dupe account to tell yourself to stop, though - I'll admit that was pretty funny).
  12. Thanks! It's a lot of fun to do it! So I'm glad people can enjoy Do you realize that as a result of this project, you almost certainly have to be considered one of the world's leading experts on the history of Super Bowl field design?
  13. They should call it New Coke Zero. Because that brand has worked so well in the past.
  14. Yep. It's in the Sports Fan Fiction subforum: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/98092-history-of-a-fictional-football-league-1984-postseason-39th-victory-bowl/. It's been running for more than 3 years now, and has run from 1946 to 1984, so it's a bit much to get caught up on. If it helps, the history for 1946-1970 can be found here: http://afahistory.blogspot.com/2015/09/formation-of-afa.html
  15. That's not a problem at all. I don't own the name - I got it on a suggestion from @DNAsports, and he got the idea from the same place as the op. I'd say this is very well executed. I particularly like the number font. It feels very much like it belongs in New Orleans.
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