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  1. Looking at the team names & all I see are the names of cities in Connecticut..
  2. Dont have time to resize it right now, but here's a link to it on my Behance profile if you would like a closer look!
  3. Thanks! I'm not a fan of the gold helmets either but a white helmet with a gold jersey just looks awful and their 'dark' home jersey is unique for the AHL and wanted to keep it.
  4. Hey guys! Been a while since I posted something on the boards and wanted to share a small project of mine recently. The Providence Bruins updated their primary logo to a more vintage looking "spoked 'P'" a few seasons ago, but they have changed their uniforms a hand full of times since. So I wanted to give them a logo update to better match their parent club, the Boston Bruins, while keeping their vintage-ish logo and give their uniform set some consistency. EDIT: If you wold like a larger view, here is a link to it on my Behance page!
  5. My worthy opponent is back! lol. Good luck bud! Really hope it goes better this year..
  6. My only complaint is that the rights to the #5 are owned by Hendrick Motorsports, and they use Chevy . But looks cool otherwise!
  7. Concepts_SM

    ECU Redesign

    Gorgeous! Really love the number & letter font!
  8. Spectacular! I'm not all that into soccer, but these look great!
  9. Nice! Can't wait to see the whole project!
  10. Concepts_SM

    Bison Logo

    Try shortening the back legs a little. They look a little long compares to the front legs.
  11. Thanks! Good eye on the collar error! Didn't even realize it was wrong! It's fixed.