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  1. I dont know if you read my message, but could you please send me an email at jmorgan.32896@farnborough.ac.uk I'm looking for permission to use your logo in a non commercial project for a stadium design, drop me a line please

  2. Hi, I saw your Las Vagas Scorpions logo and I was wondering if I could use it? I am designing a baseball stadium for Las Vegas (for a new MLB franchise) and need a team and logo. Obviously I would give you credit. Here are some of my stadiums www.morganstadia.com If you can, can you send me some more basic logo's like 'Scorpions' and 'Las Vegas' just as letters and also perhaps a slightly different smaller logo? I'm sure you could just lift them off the shirts you did...

    1. WokingFan


      ...It would look good to have various logo's around.



      Ps I love your work, it is excellent :D

    2. WokingFan


      I tried sending you a PM but i guess your inbox is full. Thank you! :D

  3. Hi, Can you help? I am looking for someone to design me a logo for a Las Vegas MLB team. I design stadiums (Check out my work www.marganstadia.com ) and I want to build a new baseball stadium in Las Vegas for a new franchise there, but I need a logo to use. The only thing I want is a red and black colour scheme. I don't mind about the name. Can you email me jackmorgan100@aim.com Sorry, I couldn't open a thread to ask this. Thank you! WokingFan
  4. Hi NeilB (And others) Can you design be a logo for a Las Vegas team? I design stadiums, that's what I do, but I cant do logo's to save my life and I want to build a baseball stadium is Las Vegas for a new franchise but I don't have a logo to use. I don't mind what name you choose, but can the main colours be Red and Black? I would really appreciate it. Could you email me at jackmorgan100@aim.com ? Thanks! If any others of you can do a similar thing that would be great can you contact me too? Cheers WokingFan