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  1. Really great concept right here. I love the black alternate cap with sand colored bill. Just beautiful!
  2. It really disappoints me that these are considered the greatest helmets to ESPN and everyone that doesn't understand a true concept. I really wish the great designers on the forums get publicity and recognition like this. Unfortunately that won't happen. I guess we will have to settle with these people. And by the way, I have talked to the guy who makes these on Instagram and he said that he takes about 15 minutes or less on his designs. That's just disappointing.
  3. I completely agree with jake. The template is pretty crappy. If you redid this on a new template it would be a lot better.
  4. I made a concept for the UCLA Bruins but I can't decide which one is better. Also I can't make any changes to these helmets since I will be out of town this weekend. I would also like feedback on these helmets. That would be great! Vote for gold facemask or blue facemask: Gold facemask: Blue facemask:
  5. Two more updates to the helmet. Which one is better? White badger logo Black and White logo with a stripe
  6. Here are a few updates to the helmet: White with Red facemask Red with Black facemask Personally, I don't like the Red helmet but I made it anyways.
  7. Here is a Wisconsin Badgers football helmet I designed. What should I do to make it better?
  8. These are getting a lot better! Maybe try black lines for the army court.
  9. I love the incorporation of the Maryland flag in the stripe of the pants. Hard to see but very creative. Keep up the good work!
  10. Here are the two updates to the helmet: Added white behind the logo. Added number instead of spear.
  11. Here is another update to the helmet. Took out the logo and replaced it with a spear.
  12. First update to this helmet. I added the maroon under the design.
  13. Sorry, I worded it bad. I meant to say that I based it off of a helmet navy wore against army. Just corrected it.