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  1. It seems as if they are avoiding the "Marlins" name and are concentrating on "Miami" more. Personally, I would've liked to have seen "Marlins" on the home jersey and "Miami" on the road jersey. The outline embroidery of the "M" on the hat needs to be raised. It's too flat I think. Just my two cents worth.
  2. I don't think I'm in the wrong forum. I have more important things to worry about than a team wearing their blue jersey over and over.
  3. I think after all of these years of having Chief Wahoo, the Indians should give in to all of this PC nonsense - NOT!
  4. To a degree, I think teams wearing their so-called alternate jerseys every game is a bit too much but what I find funny and to a certain point, sad, is that people get mad and upset because grown men are wearing a certain jersey for a baseball game.
  5. If the logo on the "iron" is that way, how would the brand be printed the way it is on the back of the animal? Someone wasn't paying attention!
  6. Maybe next year, the Blue Jays could start wearing their home whites and road greys. Wearing an "alternate" jersey for every game makes it no longer an "alternate".
  7. I actually think the numbers on the alts that cam to fruition were purple. As I have stated in another thread, personally, I think the Rays have some of the worst jerseys-uniforms in MLB. "Let's see. Our home jersey will be white with "Rays" across the front. Our road jersey will be grey with "Rays" across the front. Then we will have two alternate jerseys with "Rays" across the front." Now that took some serious thinking.........
  8. On the white jersey, the piping needs to be brown. On the yellow jersey, "Padres" needs to be brown. On the brown jersey, the piping needs to be yellow. Great concepts though!!
  9. I assume the yellow would be more like a mustard yellow? That would be a nice alternate! You have some great ideas!! I say submit this to the Pirates!!
  10. I can see the plaid alternate working for the Dodgers with their checkered past. *laughs at own joke*What's up with the red numbers on the front of the home jersey?
  11. I like the aqua and orange jerseys! The aqua is a throwback when the Marlins first came into MLB. I like the yellow jersey as well but I wonder how that would go over with the players and fans? I also like the hat without the "M". When it comes to jerseys, personally, I think the home jersey should have the name of the team, in this case, "Marlins" and the road jersey should have the name of the city or state, in this case, "Miami". Have you submitted these to the Marlins?
  12. The English D on the Detroit Tigers hat is different from the English D on the jersey.
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