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  1. http://www.nba.com/games/20160104/MINPHI/gameinfo.html?ls=iref:nba:scoreboard anyone else notice the different 76ers court? wells fargo arena wording is now on both sides of the court and in black and the stars are relocated.
  2. Heat wore their red alternates tonight against the pistons You knew there was no way they were going to get rid of those. http://espn.go.com/nba/photos?gameId=400828105&photoId=5183095
  3. American Airlines Center is in all blue now for the mavericks (from definitive nba court design power rankings)
  4. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/90217-nba-court-database/?p=2521882 the the 76ers center logo is the old one. The new one has the modernized basketball look
  5. Beautiful...just beautiful. How do you make such rich and detailed jerseys?
  6. Nice jerseys, but one thing. The numbers on the Magic Pride have white outlines...not black. Great though! Love to see Miami (Black ties), and maybe the Nets blue and gray jersey?????? Celtics jersey is great (your design is great but the actual jersey
  7. Jak18

    NBA Uniforms 2014-15

    I am very sorry that it has been a while since I posted a uniform. It just took quite a long time to make Brooklyn's alt. Jersey. But here's something new: I will now add the actual 2014-15 courts (each team will play in+the 2014-15 uniforms. (Yes I will post Hawks & Celtics stuff too) ♣Brooklyn Nets♣ I honestly don't like the Nets jerseys. They are too plain, just black and white. It reminds me as just a copy of San Antonio. And the Dodgers alt. jersey is just rubbish as well. Oh well... Home Road Alternate And now the court: The court is too dark; I think Brooklyn should change their color scheme in general The jerseys are bland, and the court is OK. Rating: Celtics & Hawks If you guys want the link for the courts (yes they are not mine, I just cleared some of the measurements): grantland.com/features/nba-court-design-power-rankings/
  8. Jak18

    NBA courts

    On the contrary, I did...I got a video of nba 2k15 with the spurs court. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJVdfMTq9Yo I then used a court template from PepMan33Conde (link is below Page 8) and went on Paint; I covered the base line and such all with black with the key as well. The alt. Logo I pasted on from the web (okay...). boards.sportslogos.net/topic/96902-current-nba-courts-tweaked/page-8?hl=%20nba%20%20courts I then found the correct font for the -sa spurs- thing on the side lines and top www.fonts.com/font/bitstream/square-721/bold-extended I used 'try it', for the font Square 721 Bold Extended then used snipping tool to crop the image and pasted it. There you go; new Spurs court. And for the Charlotte Hornets...I'm fricken confused. The New Orleans Hornets Court? Text? HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO THE COURT ABOVE IN ANY WAY?! I got the hexagon design by cropping part of the template from PepMan33Conde and saving it. I then went on Powerpoint and created a trapezoid shape and filling it with the court design. For the darker section, I just formatted the picture to make it darker. I got the logos from SportsLogos.net and the novant health from the web. And the basline team font...I found one similar in Conrad's practice court, erased all the shadowing, and cleaned it up to make it like it was in the real court. So before you go shouting that these are fake, think actually...and if they are on the web...then where? Freddiekeady Seriously...where's the evidence? Proof?
  9. Jak18

    NBA Uniforms 2014-15

    Note that these jerseys are not custom...I would have made them a lot different. This is just what adidas is going for next year ♣Boston Celtics♣ The Celtics jerseys are and will always be classic. The Standard Home and Away jerseys that have stayed the same since their introduction in 1946 have always had me curious. No wonder why it used to be my favorite team. Changes (you guys get the drill now): The Road uniform has changed the wordmark to 'Boston' HOME ROAD ALTERNATE I don't think the Celtics needed this change, but I get it when the road should have the city's name. Whatever... Rating: 4 out of 5. jrodsep, I'll tackle Washington after Brooklyn because Brooklyn is literally right after Boston. Don't worry.
  10. Of course these days, the uniform designs are kind of trash, but I also thought I would update all of them. All of these designs will include the nba logo on the back of the jersey (damn the ads ) and the gold tags (Seriously unnecessary ) for the teams who have won a championship. A smaller note: the NBA logo on the shorts is apparently moved to the upper right for the teams...meh. SO, here we go. ♣ATLANTA HAWKS♣ Yeah, everyone loves the 1970's red and yellow Pac-man stuff. I think the new alt. pac-man logo is better than the old slashing hawk. Changes (other than the nba logo and gold tag): The Home Uniform changed its wordmark to 'Atlanta' instead of 'Hawks', Included the new Pac-man logo on the shorts, The Home Uniform shorts have 'Hawks' instead of 'Atlanta'. HOMEROADALTERNATE Personally, they're ok...but as everyone knows, we want the red n' yellow era. I think the 'Atlanta change on the Home is seriously unnecessary....probably the one good thing is the pac-man shorts. Rating: 3 out of 5. Lemme know what other teams you want. Otherwise, I'll go with the team alphabet
  11. Jak18

    NBA courts

    http://i.imgur.com/QJQWCA7.jpg There we go!