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  1. Anyone know what this font is based off of???
  2. Okay so i went in and changed the angle of the plane on the primary, along with adding a larger stroke to make the skyline stick out a little more, then i was messing around with the basketball being white, kinda liked it what are your thoughts?
  3. this is what i meant on the numbers btw, makes them pop more
  4. As a huge Mariners fan here are my couple suggestions: Add a second white stroke inside the teal stroke on the numbers just like they did on their baseball jerseys this seasonPut the S on the shoulder and the plain nautical star logo on the helmetinstead of the stripes you put on the helmet, maybe a stripe similar to the line of the broncos helmet with the half grey half teal stripe like the nautical starpersonally, I don't like the double stripe on the helmet or the sleeves, don't know exactly what i would do, maybe a stripe like carolina or just a colored sleeve cuff with the numbers on top and a logo on the side of the shoulders a la ravens and eagles
  5. Thank you for all the feedback, personally, i think the Space Needle is too iconic in sonics lore and too important to me to justify getting rid of it. The plane is in every aspect because that's the origin of the name and somehow it got lost somewhere along the way, that being said, in the primary logo I am working with different angles of the plane, but i want it to be more of an addition than the focal point, the 70's- early 90's Logo is so iconic, and I want to go the route of creating it in a new way, using elements of other past logos (besides the one from the 2000's because bleh) the first logo the sonics used featured a streaking plane and my goal was to use that with a streak more similar to that of the 90's logo incorporating the 3 most used logos, I had thought about doing the cliche basketball with a center line logo as the second secondary logo besides the front facing plane logo which i absolutely love and I love the basketball being where the cockpit would be personally, it fits in the personality of many of today's logos like the basketball on the stinger of the bee, I might try and change it to be a more subtle representation of a ball though. Definitely would love some other ideas for the other secondary logo as well, just went with a simple design, I love using the S in some way, just don't know exactly how i want to do that yet
  6. I think the "Striping" you're seeing is just the pores in the Adidas jersey template I used, there's only the banner around the wordmark and the side chevron, no other stripes Add a green outline and this will help them stand out. Beautiful look. It enhances previous designs rather than replacing them. A Green outline on what?
  7. do you mean the arch on the jerseys?
  8. This is my attempt at a new set of logos and Jerseys for the Seattle supersonics, let me know what you think
  9. i think silver just looks way better with the teal and navy
  10. couple things, #1 i thought that the cowboys logo, although it was way back on here, should have had navy instead of a royal blue, i like the seahawks alot, but thought that the beak should have a bottom instead of the grey filling up that space. The eagles (although i know you are redesigning them) green should be darker. just a thought for them as well with the redesign, above every bird in the league, the eagle is known for being a predator, I think maybe a full bird like the way their 80's logo was, would be something where you could improve the logo.
  11. Hadn't seen any new mexico logos on here except for someone changing colors on a current logo, but thought one of these would be awesome