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  1. What's up guys. Finally decided to do my own uniform concepts. I'm planning on doing a set for every team but I don't know how often I'll post due to other things going on that come first. Regardless, I should be doing a set whenever I can. I've had some ideas and the itch to do this for a while.

    Anyways, first up is Atlanta. I love their potential for awesome uniforms as soon as next year (personally I wanna see that charcoal court but IDK if that'll actually happen.)

    The home/away unis are pretty straight forward. There are wings on on three uniforms on the sides and I intend for them to be the shiny material like the Hornets currently use on the side of their shorts. Going for an Oregon football vibe I guess.

    The alts are pretty...weird. ATLANTA across the crotch area in the same shiny material I just mentioned. Not sure how people will feel about these but oh well.

    Let me know what you think! (And if anyone wants me to do a specific team next please lmk)


  2. I dont think the First/Last name thing has anything to do with the old unis. I honestly think Adidas is desperate to start a trend and make their mark on the NBA.

    And I don't feel like the First names are necessary to casual fans learning names of players. Commentators/announcers/visuals show full names, stats and more throughout the game. Programs and hand outs have names on them if you're at the game. It just seems unnecessary to have 2 names on the back.

  3. B7_5kUgIQAA8O8P.jpg

    Hmm. I didn't fully appreciate the fact that the East's shorts are trimmed with three *black* stripes instead of royal. I didn't mind the use of black for the side panels, but I think the black stripes on the shorts don't work.

    And that's putting aside Adidas' obligatory and obnoxious use of three stripes.

    when they first unveiled these I didnt mind them, I liked the big number on the front.....but seeing them all together and on a player, they look horrible. Complete mess. I hate the back with the first and last name also. Why does Adidas insist on doing stuff like that?

  4. A few weeks back the Wizards have hired Wale to be their "creative liaison".

    And evidently he's talking with fellow rapper, Kanye West, about designing new uniforms for the Wizards.

    Hopefully any recommendation by Wale to the Wiz regarding uniforms thought up by him and Kanye West would be met with a pat on the head and a "sure we'll think about it" and then uproarious laughter once Wale leaves the room. Wale's one job and one job alone as "creative liaison" should be using whatever pull he has to grease the skids to get Kevin Durant in a Wizards uniform (untouched from the current set, of course) in 2016.

    I don't know why any team would let Wale be in charge of anything, but Kanye will/would do a great job with uniforms. He knows what he's doing as far as design goes and has a good design team working with him on various projects.

  5. Looks better without the stroke


    ^^ agree with this.

    I'd like to see it with the WE THE NORTH font also. Not sure how that'd look tho.

    I was really hoping they'd go back and rework the Barney-era wordmark. Last week actually I reworked it myself and added a "Toronto" version since, to my knowledge, they never had it.


  6. I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this, but does anyone know if there is an image of the Bobcats jersey that would match these shorts? If not, someone mind doing a quick mockup?



    I wish these had been real. With some changes, the Bobcats branding could've been so good. I LOVED those colors.

  7. Seems really 90's to me, which isn't a bad thing.

    I love 90s uniforms! :P

    Same here LOVE the Raptors old font and pinstripes. Good job on bringing back red and purple too.

    Thanx! I brightened the red to match Canada's red.

    Love the hornets design. It's bold, new, colorful, and gives homage to the old hornets.

    I also like the Raptors concept. Their old unis are a lot better than their new boring ones, including the color scheme. The only things I would change would be to take out the zigzags and put them as single side stripes (they're messing with the name on the back) and keep the respective zigzag colors. Also, lower the number on the back a little, to make room for the nameplate.


    I considered doing regular pinstripes for the Raps but decided to go full out 90s with them. And yeah I should've lowered the number on the back.

    One thought on the Hornets: make the road uniforms teal instead of purple. Otherwise it's a good set. The big numbers are a plus.

    For the Raptors, I agree it's very 90s looking but it's not necessarily a bad thing in this case. I'd color either the wordmark or the front numbers red on both jerseys, and have red numbers on the back of the home jersey.

    I think I'll make a new teal version to match the bright teal officials.

    I wasn't sure what to do with the wordmark for the Raps. I didn't like the way it looked colored but I don't think it looks bad the way I did it.

  8. After finally getting to see these in full quality....I'm LOVING them.

    I wanted pinstripes as most people did....actually I take that back. I ASSUMED there would be pinstripes. I'm actually not a fan of thin pinstripes AT ALL but I like the thicker ones. Either way, I'm not bothered by them not being there.

    The numbers look great. I like the size of them. They were bigger than normal on the old uniforms as well.

    You guys can't really say "oh well the colors save them"....because they won't ever be in another color. It's silly to judge them and say the color saves them. They were likely designed considering how flashy the colors are. The design itself isn't super complex but they still really stand out and I can't think of any recent rebranded unis that I like more than these.

    I see SOME similarity to the Suns by the way. I get where people are coming from with that. I've loved the Suns new unis since they dropped so I'm definitely not disappointed with the comparison.

    Also, why do you all have a problem with the NBA logo on the back? I think it looks fine.

  9. My last concepts before we see the officials tomorrow at 11:30!



    I would really love these! Modern take on their identity and preserve the throwback look for classic nights. Curious about the sides but cool. 9/10

    Appreciate it! Saw you posted these in the Hornets thread.

    I'd like to see the sides use a shiny material that you sometimes see on football unis. If not, They'd just be printed in a slightly lighter/darker color than the jersey material.

  10. Unpopular Opinion: I HATE the multicolor pinstripes. It looks horrible. The only reason any of you like it is because it is "throwback"

    Personally, I prefer the multi colored pinstripes. Single colored stripes really bother me 99% of the time. Hated the Bobcats pin stripes but I like the Yankees.

  11. Sadly, I am so terrified of what bullcrap they are going to reveal tomorrow, that I would gladly take this over anything they are about to reveal. Not saying this is bad, but I would love to see a classic mixed with modern look for the hornets, but I know they are just going to do a :censored:ty job like they did with the logos. With that said, it's sad because I have already decided that this is better despite having never seen the uniforms.

    But seriously though these are pretty amazing.

    Well thanx for the compliments!

    I'm in Charlotte and I can say you're in the minority when it comes to not liking what's been released thus far. However, I LOVE the old branding....and I like the new branding.

    I don't think the new stuff is bad but I think it's typical of what the NBA has going on at the moment. Everything lacks the 'flavor' it used to have. I do feel like the Hornets rebranding blows most recent rebrands out of the water tho.

    Looking forward to tomorrow....and draft day to see the court.

  12. My first thread!

    This started as a Charlotte Hornets concept thread I was using for one single concept but I'm going to use it for all concepts. I've had some ideas lately and figured I'd share. I'm not going to do a whole lot of editing once I post, but I'm most definitely listening to feedback.

    PS: I LOVE gaudy 90s uniforms so....