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  1. I really don't like the Kings uniforms. They look like a cheap Walmart version of their Bibby era set.
  2. MAY27TH

  3. @shoujoshawty her voice on that track >

  4. Completed this earlier this year for a university project. View the full project (print ads, logo animation and more) on my site:
  5. ?

  6. I get that. You can be angry...but I also have the right to say it's not that big of a deal. I actually don't wear logos that often but society as a whole does. Whether or not one logo is interfering with another is besides the're still wearing a logo. Fine, don't even think about sports ever again. Don't watch, read or associate with it at all. Maybe the ads will stick around and maybe the won't. Regardless, the players will keep on playing and sports will continue to grow.
  7. Yeah like McCarthy said, I was more referring to the idea that this style is no longer usable in today's league. There are definitely areas in this logo that would have to be cleaned up but the general idea isn't super busy. I might make the ball one color in addition to making the adjustments you pointed out. I actually prefer what the Raptors have done but I have no problem with this style if it's done well.
  8. People wear logos on dress shirts every day? The Ralph Lauren logo is seen all over the world on people's chests. We voluntarily wear shirts with huge logos on them all the time.
  9. It's not really fair to call it "greed". These teams are businesses first and foremost and have to do whats best for the state of the company.
  10. You gotta relax man. Sports are a business and a small ad doesn't effect your life. Get over it. Uniforms aren't sacred space. You're acting like a fool for suggesting people should attempt to burn jerseys, tarnish the Stubhub brand, organize rallies, etc. That's way over the top. The last thing we need in todays world is any of that happening because of advertising. And people on Facebook are "livid" 24/7 about everything. They'll get over it.
  11. I agree. This logo isn't any more detailed than the Hornets logo(s). Is it my favorite concept? No. But it's not bad.
  12. Love what the Jazz did! The UTAH word mark looks great on the green set. The sleeved set is nice as well.


    Utah Jazz Logo

    I think the text could use some work, but the ball/mountain logo is generally pretty solid.
  15. I don't think anyone assumes Buzz City has a long history in Charlotte. It does, however, have connections with the Bring Back The Buzz/We Beelieve movements that helped bring the name home. Of course, "Buzz City" was coined by the team and OBVIOUSLY they want to use it for selling merchandise....but it does in fact have connections with the fans and holds a presence in the city because of the last few years. Nicknames have to start somewhere. If people don't feel attached to it, it'll disappear. But for now it's sticking around.
  16. I definitely think the Buzz City jerseys will be back when Nike takes over....probably minus the sleeves.
  17. I get your point but I think it's silly to act like there should be a level of professionalism associated with any major sports franchise. A lot of fans, especially here in Charlotte, come off day jobs where they wear suits and ties behind a desk at a bank...I don't think they want their favorite NBA team to be ultra conservative to the point where "Buzz City" is kitsch. There are some snobby people in Charlotte but very few have a problem with "Buzz City" representing their team. At the end of the day, an NBA team is a group of men that play basketball for money. It should be a safe place to experiment and market teams as you wish. Some teams like the Yankees or Celtics have this idea of tradition behind their brand. Others teams like the Hawks and Hornets have room to experiment with nicknames and abbreviations. I think it really depends on the market.
  18. CLT is just an abbreviation for the city of Charlotte. And Buzz City definitely isn't bad. The city has embraced it and it's been a success.
  19. We like them alot here in CLT. The players do as well, that's why they wore them in the Playoffs.
  20. I actually think their main Home/Away uniforms are WAY better than any alts they have. The dark blue are one of my least fav uniforms in the league and the orange are a huge swing and a miss. They look like generic Russell brand 001.
  21. Yeah I get that. Kind of a weird situation tho, since Cali has so many teams. I don't think it'll be a big deal if they go the gold route.
  22. I don't view it as an issue honestly. There's like 20 teams that use red white and blue and no one has an issue with it. And those teams are alot closer in look than the gold/purple Kings are to the gold(yellow)/purple Lakers.
  23. reminds me of this when you color it like you did...