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  1. My first thought was black with "Buzz City"
  2. I'm guessing for the Hornets it'll be a black "Buzz City".
  3. RT @NirvanaNews "Rap is the only vital form of music that has been introduced since Punk Rock." - Kurt Cobain.

  4. This really makes me so mad. Can't believe they're actually using this branding. Worst in all major sports IMO.
  5. I love where the Hawks unis are going.
  6. dead. RT @DavidDTSS: Dellavedova looks like he writes for Vice

  7. that's ridiculous. RT @JarydWilson @AdamReisinger A basketball is required by the league in either the primary or secondary logo.

  8. The blue/Orange makes me wish the Bobcats had taken advantage of those colors years ago. Looks great....but I think I actually like the yellow more for your concepts.
  9. I like the old ball better. The line under the S is bothersome on the new logos. Honestly, I would love to see Ben with Philadelphia 76ers above/below him like the old Hormets logo. Doesn't really match the general vibe of NBA primaries but that's why I'd love to see it.
  10. *ironically makes visual PSA telling kids to get off their phones by spending a couple hours on a computer*

  11. Earned It #1 in the US??!!!

  12. not only has social media hurt our social skills, it also has ruined the things we can socialize about. we post everything we do online.

  13. Derrick Rose / Jesse Diebolt (2015)

  14. MARRY ME! (Wendy's BBQ Burger) / Jesse Diebolt (2015)

  15. YEAH DERRICK!!!!!

  16. These are very cool. The lightning bolt K is very creative but I think you should have at least one/two jerseys that say Thunder. Also, give the OKC letters a bit more space. They're too tight together right now. Awesome idea tho!
  17. The Human Pleat (@jamessmurray) wears a parachute, not a cape!