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  1. Experimental Type Pages from "April Greiman: Thinking Smaller" - Jesse Diebolt (2015)

  2. Honestly don't understand why people are acting like what we are hearing is sooooo horrible.
  3. YES RT @kanyewest: I’m changing my album name to SWISH

  4. RT @ELLEmagazine: "I let my Tinder matches dress me for a week"

  5. Their logo isn't BAD or an "abomination" like people here act like it is. It's just super bland when, with their colors and name, there's a ton of room for creativity.
  6. I think the niners alts look great.
  7. i've said it before, the clippers leaked branding is horrible. i can't believe they'd even consider that.

  8. *sings carly rae jepsen "i really like you" to gradient tumblr"

  9. You're telling me these: are worse than these... Yes. I'm a fan of Brooklyn's identity (not so much everyone else trying to be them), and while the Lakers really need to update their logo to fit their current look, the script over a ball is their thing (sorry Admiral). Of course, that doesn't excuse the Cavs and Clippers from doing the same thing, but just like the Nets the logo itself shouldn't be to blame for others copping that style and making it overused. I agree. The Nets branding is pretty solid. Their merchandise is "fashionable" and although everything is pretty simple, it still has a distinct look. The Lakers branding is just highly recognizable and known. I think it could use an update, but it definitely works and there's nothing really "wrong" or "bad" about it. With any of these brands, it all depends on whether or not it's working...and in the case of the Lakers and Nets I think it is working.
  10. Would that include a disconnection between what they wanted to what the fans wanted ? It just seems like there was no thought into what the fans like or wanted as to suppose to what they felt was right. while I love the dino unis and past branding (as do many Raptors fans), I don't think they necessarily had to be influenced by what we all say we like. The new stuff doesn't look bad at all and I actually like it more as I see it applied to different things.
  11. don't fight fire with fire

  12. Nice work. I hope they go with cream as their home as opposed to white. Id like to see a blue alt.
  13. The baseball looks like a propeller that's spinning super fast, which is kinda cool
  14. Prepared for what tho? Ovo clothes are pretty sleek. It's not flashy stuff like the pics people posted of Russ and PG.
  15. J J J J J J J J JIMMY

  16. will be interested to see how these look on court...

  17. thats why the owl's face in the owl logo says OvO
  18. need a gold grill asap. only for wearing to school.

  19. at the end of the day spotify has benefitted artists positions on billboard and they still get paid (all illegal downloads before streaming)