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  1. im really unhappy

  2. sorry nike, the contrast stitching on the browns unis looks XFL-esque.

  3. I like the Jags helmet. At least it's something new/ at least looks "fresh". The Browns word mark down the side of the pants looks VERY minor league. The whole uniform does. It looks outdated. You can't be serious. The Jags' helmet is the ugliest uniform element in the history of sports. Ugly is subjective. Personally I think they're cool. Not the best helmet ever but I still like them.
  4. I like the Jags helmet. At least it's something new/ at least looks "fresh". The Browns word mark down the side of the pants looks VERY minor league. The whole uniform does. It looks outdated.
  5. I agree. These are garbage imo. Very disappointed.
  6. I actually like the new logo a lot more than the claw logo they currently use. My problem with the new logo is that it goes so far away from the dino branding most tend to love. It's a complete 180 from that style.....however, i do think the new logo can possibility last a long time. It's simple enough to last. But is it unique enough? I'm not sure. I really think it's all about how it's applied to the uniforms, court, etc. The roundel with TORONTO RAPTORS doesn't look good to me. Yes, it looks like BK but I personally just think the typeface was a bad choice.
  7. I understand people not liking the Bucs/Jags/Seahawks but personally I prefer all of those (except the Bucs) to the Browns jersey we saw.
  8. I'm not a fan of those Browns unis if they're real. The old one's look way better than those. Not even close IMO.
  9. to infinity and beyond

  10. nicki's second verse on feeling myself

  11. I don't dislike Adidas tho. I just feel like they're a step behind Nike when it comes to "wow-ing" me with their product/design.

  12. Wouldn't this look so much better than what they have today? No it wouldn't. Among other reasons, the black is way out of place. Probably better for concepts since it ain't happening for '15 black doesn't look out of place to me. I much prefer that helmet to their current.
  13. my "Angry Plants" concept was a quick sports team idea inspired by the greatness over at @Brandiose / @TheClinkRoom

  14. they're probably using unicorn fur, dinosaur suede & leather from heaven; but you can use cheaper materials and still make nice product.

  15. Miami Heat I may go back and make some changes to this set but I don't think it's looking too bad as is.
  16. I don't know if teams normally announce it or not. Something like the Hornets rebrand was obviously known ahead of time but we didn't know about the Bobcats last rebranding before it happened....not that I remember anyways.
  17. The writing across the crotch isn't uncommon in fashion today. I figured some people wouldn't like it here but thats the fun of a concept on a message board. Another concept I found (ignore the mask) using the crotch area writing. I think it looks cool personally although I doubt we'll ever see it done in the NBA.
  18. MKG and the G is for God-Mode

  20. What's up guys. Finally decided to do my own uniform concepts. I'm planning on doing a set for every team but I don't know how often I'll post due to other things going on that come first. Regardless, I should be doing a set whenever I can. I've had some ideas and the itch to do this for a while. Anyways, first up is Atlanta. I love their potential for awesome uniforms as soon as next year (personally I wanna see that charcoal court but IDK if that'll actually happen.) The home/away unis are pretty straight forward. There are wings on on three uniforms on the sides and I intend for them to be the shiny material like the Hornets currently use on the side of their shorts. Going for an Oregon football vibe I guess. The alts are pretty...weird. ATLANTA across the crotch area in the same shiny material I just mentioned. Not sure how people will feel about these but oh well. Let me know what you think! (And if anyone wants me to do a specific team next please lmk)
  21. like .0001% of you interact with me on here its supposed to be social networking not digitally speaking to a wall