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  1. I LOVE those Hawks unis. They look way better now than I would've ever imagined they would.

  3. forty nine, sixteen and ten. westbrook.

  4. I actually like the Warriors alot. The slate looks good imo....Rockets unis not so much.
  5. Rob Dyrdek is my spirit animal

  6. love alot of devin troy strother's work in his "space jam" show.

  7. these sleeved Bulls uniforms make me wanna throw up. why adidas, why.

  8. "Steph Curry" (@StephenCurry30) - Jesse Diebolt (2015)

  9. Typography Exploration - Font #6 "14 Year Old" - All over her folders and binders and (...)

  10. I dont think the First/Last name thing has anything to do with the old unis. I honestly think Adidas is desperate to start a trend and make their mark on the NBA. And I don't feel like the First names are necessary to casual fans learning names of players. Commentators/announcers/visuals show full names, stats and more throughout the game. Programs and hand outs have names on them if you're at the game. It just seems unnecessary to have 2 names on the back.
  11. when they first unveiled these I didnt mind them, I liked the big number on the front.....but seeing them all together and on a player, they look horrible. Complete mess. I hate the back with the first and last name also. Why does Adidas insist on doing stuff like that?
  12. I don't know why any team would let Wale be in charge of anything, but Kanye will/would do a great job with uniforms. He knows what he's doing as far as design goes and has a good design team working with him on various projects.
  13. saw someone say something so true about the @Raptors logo unveiling; "this isn't branding, it's blanding."

  14. I actually really like the "We The North" slogan. I'd rather see a huge WE THE NORTH at center court than the Nets logo.
  15. 100% disagree with the Kim look. I want more of that. RT @ELLEmagazine: The 5 trends that need to die in 2015:

  16. now I cant even work on anything because I'm mad

  17. love @sh00n_'s Raptors and Hulk Hogan pieces. always fun to find awesome work.

  18. Did a 2 minute edit to see how my remade-throwback wordmarks would look with the new ball logo.....I like it alot more simply because it's not so bland/obviously Nets inspired