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  1. ^^ agree with this. I'd like to see it with the WE THE NORTH font also. Not sure how that'd look tho. I was really hoping they'd go back and rework the Barney-era wordmark. Last week actually I reworked it myself and added a "Toronto" version since, to my knowledge, they never had it.

  3. dont try to connect with me digitally if you havent had a convo with me nor plan to.

  4. Im a Panthers fan, but I can't stand our all white uniforms. Actually, I can't stand any of our uniforms.
  5. My Krazy Life not nominated for AOTY?? Hot N*gga isn't best rap song of the year???

  6. more important than foreign language at that level RT @tymoss Why is computer programming not a MANDATORY class in middle and high school??

  7. rockets have the same number font as the pacers :/

  8. I wish these had been real. With some changes, the Bobcats branding could've been so good. I LOVED those colors.
  9. The Cavs just need a completely new identity IMO.
  10. always on the next thing.

  11. I should've had work in the #DigitalMadrid show

  12. now I pray LeBron leaves Miami.

  13. RT @Jidancel: @JESSEDIEBOLT I have had your website bookmarked for a few years. Your work is badass. You're moving up quick.


  15. what a joy it was to see @OBEYGIANT's work in real life. #CHARLESTON

  16. I love 90s uniforms! Thanx! I brightened the red to match Canada's red. Thanx! I considered doing regular pinstripes for the Raps but decided to go full out 90s with them. And yeah I should've lowered the number on the back. I think I'll make a new teal version to match the bright teal officials. I wasn't sure what to do with the wordmark for the Raps. I didn't like the way it looked colored but I don't think it looks bad the way I did it.
  17. After finally getting to see these in full quality....I'm LOVING them. I wanted pinstripes as most people did....actually I take that back. I ASSUMED there would be pinstripes. I'm actually not a fan of thin pinstripes AT ALL but I like the thicker ones. Either way, I'm not bothered by them not being there. The numbers look great. I like the size of them. They were bigger than normal on the old uniforms as well. You guys can't really say "oh well the colors save them"....because they won't ever be in another color. It's silly to judge them and say the color saves them. They were likely designed considering how flashy the colors are. The design itself isn't super complex but they still really stand out and I can't think of any recent rebranded unis that I like more than these. I see SOME similarity to the Suns by the way. I get where people are coming from with that. I've loved the Suns new unis since they dropped so I'm definitely not disappointed with the comparison. Also, why do you all have a problem with the NBA logo on the back? I think it looks fine.