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  1. I would really love these! Modern take on their identity and preserve the throwback look for classic nights. Curious about the sides but cool. 9/10Appreciate it! Saw you posted these in the Hornets thread. I'd like to see the sides use a shiny material that you sometimes see on football unis. If not, They'd just be printed in a slightly lighter/darker color than the jersey material.
  2. Personally, I prefer the multi colored pinstripes. Single colored stripes really bother me 99% of the time. Hated the Bobcats pin stripes but I like the Yankees.
  3. Comparing your concepts to the current logo, I'd rather stick with the current.
  4. Well thanx for the compliments! I'm in Charlotte and I can say you're in the minority when it comes to not liking what's been released thus far. However, I LOVE the old branding....and I like the new branding. I don't think the new stuff is bad but I think it's typical of what the NBA has going on at the moment. Everything lacks the 'flavor' it used to have. I do feel like the Hornets rebranding blows most recent rebrands out of the water tho. Looking forward to tomorrow....and draft day to see the court.
  5. my final Hornets uniform concept before tomorrow's official unveiling... (CC: @BringBackTheBuz @We_Beelieve)

  6. My first thread! This started as a Charlotte Hornets concept thread I was using for one single concept but I'm going to use it for all concepts. I've had some ideas lately and figured I'd share. I'm not going to do a whole lot of editing once I post, but I'm most definitely listening to feedback. PS: I LOVE gaudy 90s uniforms so....
  7. Not very well done but keep trying and developing ideas. Don't worry about other guys telling you to give up on something. You're not there yet (as far as designing or executig goes) but don't give up.
  8. Well done logos but I feel like it's hard to tell it's a rocket. It's almost TOO modernized for my liking. As of now, it looks like a deformed star to me. Also, I think the primary logo should say Houston Rockets as opposed to just Rockets.
  9. The purple/green/grey set is the best. Love those.
  10. Just went thru the whole thread...GREAT work! As a Panthers fan...I LOVED your Panthers redesign. Perf. Ones that caught my eye majorly were the Chiefs and the Eagles (non ORE rip off versions). All looked fantastic tho.
  11. luv uuu! RT @AnnaDiebolt Todays #NationalSiblingsDay and im so blessed to have @JESSEDIEBOLT as my big bro and best friend! Love you ! x

  12. WE MADE IT! 40 DUBS!

  13. I'm not a fan of the redesign. But I don't think it's quite as bad as what you guys are making it out to be. I don't think it's good, but I don't mind the numbers/font as much as some of you. With that said, the numbers that someone posted a few pages back is way better. I wish they would've done something more "piratey" as some have mentioned. Going back to the old colors would've been great. I do totally agree with whoever said the jerseys look like generic kids Old Navy shirts hahaha My final thoughts on the redesign...pretty much as fail. I was excited about it when I FIRST saw the helmet. But the jerseys disappointed. ALSO....why the hell don't ALL the numbers have grey lines thru them?
  14. Much love to @BringBackTheBuz for helping me show off my uniform concepts. Feedback has been pretty good! Go Hornets!