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  1. No way Drummond deserves an All Star spot ahead of Dwight Howard.

  2. Wow I love you and I will purchase my Dwight Howard jersey tomorrow. #NBAVote

  3. Kemba locks up Mitchell on one end, knocks a three on the other end. HYPED.

  4. The Pacers wear "HICKORY" uniforms. Can the @LAClippers wear "LA Knights" uniforms?

  5. This is preparing them for the NBA and definitely better than HS/College.

  6. Of course people wear non-team branded apparel. You're missing my point. I'm speaking from a team/manufacturer position. Offering more options means more potential revenue. Fans are only going to buy so many purple and gold Lakers shirts. If they go to a game and see a black/white shirt they may be more inclined to purchase because they already have enough purple/gold gear. It's about increasing the probability that a fan will wear team branded apparel on the regular. I wasn't saying Nike should outshine the team. I'm saying that Nike is a bigger brand than any team in the NBA, and they don't adhere to 2-4 colors like NBA teams do. My point is that teams/brands in general don't NEED to adhere to a strict color scheme to have a strong brand. Teams are fine with 2-4 colors. No one is arguing against that. I'm simply saying that doing things outside the box won't kill a brand because theres more to a brand than color.
  7. Of course no one is wearing licensed merchandise on a daily basis. But you're missing my point. From a team/business perspective, offering fans options can only mean more money. If a fan walks into the team store they're only going to buy so many shirts that have the same colors. Fans may be more inclined to buy a black/white shirt if they already own other team colored apparel.
  8. it's always fun when Jordan Brand likes my designs on the Hornets IG.

  9. A brand is much more than design elements/colors. Sports teams bring people together from in/around a given city. They create fun environments for fans and players who ultimately spend/generate money. A successful brand can build a story that engages people. Utah certainly put a lot of thought into their city uniforms/court. They aren't just throwing a randomly colored uniform out there. Major brands like Nike don't rely on a single color scheme. The idea that a sports team has to strictly adhere to a set of 2-4 colors is outdated. No one wants to wear the same colors every single day. All teams sell black & white merch in their fan shops even though Brooklyn is the only team in the NBA with a truly B/W brand.
  10. :/

  11. In your opinion.
  12. Classic Russ.

  13. you better watch out you better watch out yOU BETTER WATCH OU YOU BETTER WATCH OU T

  14. You're not entitled to anything for being a fan. This guy wants to throw out the first pitch and to ride in the "…


  16. Nike manufactures the uniforms but basically everything you listed is decided by teams. Try again.
  17. Bam Adebayo and Dwight Howard

  18. Mans so weird. ?

  19. I think they look better with black. Their logos are still not the best, but I definitely enjoy their brand with this season's updated uniforms.
  20. a couple @starwars themed graphics for @hornets "Star Wars Night" ... more to come later! ?

  21. @TaylorRooks MAN DOWN!

  22. Alright, Fox. There's a backup QB playing special teams for the Saints. We get it. Also, he had nothing to do with…

  23. RT @abe_squad: “Frank Kaminsky is looking at me really weird”

  24. I love Draymond

  25. RT @McDonaldsCorp: Black Friday **** Need copy and link****