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  1. RT @hornets: Take an in-depth look at the Hornets team stats vs. Boston! #BuzzCity

  2. Excited about this kid. #FrenchFrank

  3. Who would you rather have in their prime?

  4. Cody came into the house with a bad attitude and -personal- vendettas against people he's never met. Set a bad tone for the szn. #BB19

  5. Quick department photo after successfully unveiling the return of the @Hornets classic uniform. #hornetsstaff…

  6. Good job, guys!

  7. If something exists that fits the direction, it doesn't matter or make any difference whether something's customized or not.
  8. Hawks look great, patch or not. The Nike materials make their sets look 100x better somehow.
  9. Busy? I was going to say plain AF.
  10. Which will be tucked into the shorts and unseen on court.
  11. They look nice on an actual player... Very Nike Running-esque
  12. I'm actually liking the Cavs uniforms based on what we've seen now. Interested to see them on actual players tho.
  13. I like the sides better, but I'd be interested to see how they look with a collar.
  14. First look at some of the new Nike merch. Exclusive Nike Apparel 2017-18
  15. Loving that you've done here. As a set, Concept 6 is my favorite. Really like the "Loud City" one in Concept 1 tho!
  16. Sixers uniforms ate gorgeous. Love the white set especially!
  17. 1 color collar, "Hornets" on teal rather than "Charlotte".
  18. Love what the Pacers did. Very unique, which is cool.
  19. Hey I made this teaser. ?
  20. I don't dislike the font, but I agree the font doesn't fit with their identity. Wish they did something else with their logos.
  21. Nike didn't design the font.