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  1. The type needs alot of work. It's too small compared to the icon. If you scaled this down to the size of a quarter, the type would be super hard to read. 


    Is the type supposed to be read as Orion or Rion? I definitely read it as Rion.

  2. On January 26, 2016 at 6:28 PM, derschwigg said:

    WHY does it matter. Simply saying it does isn't gonna cut it here.


    Look at the wordmark. The U doesn’t have a serif there, and the J does. That's why it looks like that. But, I plan on keeping the icicles where they are because the visual movement of the icon is already really nicely moving from left to right. I'm asking if it matters because I'd really like to keep that movement in there.


    What do you mean WHY? You're asking for opinions. I'd like to see how the U looks when the movement is headed right as opposed to left. Doesn't necessarily mean it'll for sure look better but I'm not the only one suggesting this.


    Also, the U logo is supposed to be a J & U combined? I wasn't aware of that before you pointed it out. Right now it IS just a U. It doesn't matter if the word mark J or U or whatever has a serif. I'm suggesting that currently the serif is clashing with the form and making it busier than it needs to be. 


    Again, maybe you don't want to make these adjustments but you're presenting these options to us and we're giving feedback. It's only meant to help you out. 

  3. 6 hours ago, KittSmith_95 said:

    You should tweet this to Schroder himself. It looks great, and definitely is cool. I'd love to see it in other colours and stuff as well.



    Kyle Lowry a few years back asked fans for help on making a logo for his stuff.


    Thanx man! I did tweet it to him but I didn't hear anything. I'll try it again (sure he gets tons of mentions)


    35 minutes ago, davidmiller5 said:

    This looks classy and clean, but I think there isn't really enough character to the logo to make anyone think, "That must be Schröder's logo."  What if you would make the logo into a lowercase d (add a stem to your circle)?  Personal logos usually use initials, and for a player that is still somewhat obscure to average NBA fans, they would assume the person's first or last name would begin with an O.  For example, LeBron James has the LJ/crown logo, kd uses initials, and Derek Rose has his D-in-a-rose logo; I can associate their logos with them intuitively.  There isn't anything intuitive with this logo.


    Yeah I mean you're right about that. I guess it's just a different route to go. Definitely wouldn't use a random letter from...LeBron's name (for example)...but because of the umlaut and his hair, I felt the o was something interesting to look at. Definitely can see how the fact that it is an O could take away from it tho, as you were saying. Good feedback, thanx.

  4. These concepts you've been posting all look way too similar. 


    They look very dated and aren't put together well at all. How would these translate to one color? They wouldn't. Why do any of these logos make any sense at all? They don't. 


    I understand if you like a certain style and I can see how you're influenced by late 80s neon, heavy chrome logos but you need to find a way to take that influence and flip it into something that fits within today's visual landscape. None of these concepts would be accepted or used today. 

  5. I tried messing with the neck area a bit and came out with these two. I'm not sure which looks better or if they are even an upgrade. I enlarged the eye a bit more as well.


    I think option 1 looks much better minus the double points on the bottom.

    I'd like to see the logo pointing right as opposed to left and maybe slight adjustments to the shape of the forehead and back feathers in order to give the logo a faster moving look.

  6. I'm not sure why you went with black and gold for Charlotte?

    I was going for the colors of actual hornets. I figured that since a lot of other teams already use purple, Charlotte was ripe for a different color scheme.

    Hornets remind me too much of recent-past Pacers uniforms.

    I was actually going for somewhat of a Bulls-inspired look because of who their owner is.

    there's literally a 0% chance of the Hornets ever doing away with purple.

  7. After hearing all the feedback for the Suns, I will certainly consider an overhaul of my current concept. I'll leave that for later though since it will be something fresh. Until then, here's the T-Wolves.







    Also, does anyone know how to change the topic name?

    I appreciate the color on these and the resurgence of the tree collar in a new, minimal form. I like that you didn't use the current Wolves word mark also.

    You just need to refine these a bit more. There are some kerning issues on the word mark and lines that just don't look as clean as what they should. Names on the back should also probably be one color and using a different font.

    In re to the PHX concept:

    I honestly don't think you're improving upon what they already have. You're hinting at their current uniforms but not utilizing space and shape as well as what they already are. I'd like to see you at least try bring a new color scheme to the table when approaching a concept. People may respond like "oh no you can't do that" but in reality you can do whatever you want. Don't be afraid to be creative and do something you have seen before on these boards.

  8. Paul Goldschmidt on the fact that theres 14 different uniform combos.... "I think it's pretty cool that as a fan you won't know what to expect when you come to the ballpark, kinda adds to it, not knowing what we're going to wear."


    Paul Goldschmidt on the fact that theres 14 different uniform combos.... "I think it's pretty cool that as a fan you won't know what to expect when you come to the ballpark, kinda adds to it, not knowing what we're going to wear."


    Ah shoot. Paul's drank the kewl-aid.

    No Paul, I SHOULD know what you're wearing when I show up to the ballpark. That's how a brand works. Or used to...

    Fans still have a general idea of what the brand looks like. It's not a completely new uniform being unveiled randomly throughout the season. The brand is strong because it has connections to past while steering towards the future, while being unique in comparison to other teams.

    You have to accept that things have changed and consumers in sports are aroused by variation in uniforms and merchandise. If that wasn't true, the numbers would show and we wouldn't see so many variations in sports gear. We see flag-oriented hats around the 4th of July because it sells and fans buy the merch. It may even be enough to draw fans to the stadium because they saw an ad. on social media showcasing the team's special gear. It may seem silly but it's the way things work and will continue to work.

    Also, because of social media, teams can easily communicate which uniforms they're wearing on any given day. Fans of all ages use social media and likely check their fav teams stream before heading out to the park/arena/stadium. If it's truly necessary for anyone to know which uniform their team will wear, the info will likely be available.

    ex: The Cleveland Cavs have a uniform schedule available on their website.

  9. People are saying this look caters to teenagers and their preferences, and I don't really think that these do that very well. I'm 15, in 10th grade (high school sophomore for you Americans), and not only do I hate these but I don't think I know anyone my age who would like these messes, especially not the few baseball fans we have in our school. If an NHL team came out with something like this with neon and sublimated snakeskin and random truncated stripes and 8 different uniforms people my age out here would flip out. This isn't pandering to younger fans, it's jumping on an already outdated trend.

    I disagree with the idea that something like the Diamondbacks unis are meant for a 'younger crowd'. The team may want something trendy but I think it's more about exploring ways of using design to create a unique brand. Nothing about these uniforms is outrageous or even unexpected. As mentioned, they're definitely working with current trends seen in sportswear, but there's nothing wrong with that. I'd rather see teams take this route than do the same thing we've seen over and over again.

  10. Wow, talk about the Cavs' regular set make these otherwise so-so unis look great.. I had already forgotten what it was like to see the team you root for in decent uniforms... Feels odd, lol.

    10 years ago, I would've never thought I'd be salivating over these one day.


    Totally disagree. I think these look horrible compared to their current uniforms.

  11. That was only just announced. I spotted five new uniforms.

    Bills - red jersey with white and royal stripes

    Jets - kelly and forest green jersey

    Cowboys - 90's star throwbacks

    Jaguars - gold jersey with white numbers

    Rams - 90's throwbacks with yellow as jersey color and blue for stripes

    looks like blue pants for the Panthers

  12. those Nuggets uniforms are PERFECT. I'd even sub the stripes on the side for something else but overall, very awesome.

    That should be their full time color scheme.

    You mean no color scheme ? Yeah why not , buying a white t-shirt to show support for your team is a pretty nice move by the nuggs marketing department, will save the fans quite a few bucks B)

    white, icy blue and black is a nice color scheme. would make for some good looking merchandise, actually.