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  1. I really love the idea of volt (maybe just because I love volt in general). I think it may need a darker blue to pair with it tho. It looks good with light blue as is now but it may end up feeling too bright without something to offset it.
  2. I'd rather they do something new than keep recycling the same look they've had.
  3. Been working on this project recently for fun. I'm not 100% done but it's come a long way and I'm happy with it as is now. Goal was to refresh the brand and create something that wont age quite as quickly as their current branding. I'm a fan so I may be biased, but I love what the Panthers did when they refreshed the logo and word mark (next step is uniforms, hopefully). The Panthers logo was definitely inspiration for this project. Check out some of the project below and more on my portfolio! Looking forward to your feedback!
  4. Okay thats fine. But what you're saying isn't really relevant to the discussion at hand. "Zip" isn't used to describe a female human. "Stallion" on the other hand is used as slang for a male human. Doesn't really matter if the Akron mascot IS a female. I think most college mascots are viewed as or referred to as a male....but the school name and logo aren't really making that distinction. The school mascot is a physical being so it can have a gender. The Duke Blue Devil's mascot is a male and has it's own personality, but "Blue Devils" as a name doesn't specify a gender because its a title that represents a school where men/women are equals.
  5. No it wouldn't be a problem because neither a male or female Hyena is used to describe a male or female human. I had no idea Hyena's had a different look according their appearance and I don't think it's common knowledge for the general public.
  6. A male mascot representing an entire student body belittles the female students/coaches because it's putting the entire spotlight on the males. I mentioned jokingly "we also let the girls play" because that's essentially what would be needed in fine print below the logo. If we were talking about the name of a male sports team, Stallions might be ok....but it's supposed to represent everyone. That's why "Mustangs" works and "Stallions" doesn't. A Mustang is essentially a wild horse and honestly more associated with a cool car than anything. A Stallion is an uncastrated adult male horse and the term has been used to describe human males. Urban Dictionary's top definition of a stallion: "A male who is able to conduct sexual intercourse for hours on end. Not necessarily hung like a horse, but he knows how to give a girl the ride of her life. He laughs at Viagra commercials, especially the part about a 4 hour erection being a bad thing." So yeah, I do think Penises and Stallions are representing the same thing because that's the general stigma surrounding the terms as defined by society. It's not harmful because it's male, it's harmful because of the precedence it sets. It makes women the 2nd class citizens of the school.
  7. But a "Zip" isn't a term used to describe a female kangaroo....or female human. Stallion is used to describe a male human and is being used to brand an entire student body. I think most people would draw a kangaroo with a pouch without thinking about the gender of the kangaroo.
  8. So in your mind, all girls must want to be pretty ponies or "horsies"? Maybe they don't want their team, which is equally as important as the boys team(s), to be represented by a male mascot. If a school names their team the "Penises" should women just accept it? I mean essentially thats the same thing as giving a gender to your school mascot. You're representing a single gender which subsequently belittles the other gender. Stallions: We also let the girls play.
  9. I disagree that you have to sell your creative soul to be a designer. The greatest creativity comes from situations where you find solutions that solve your clients' problems in a unique and exciting way. It's your job to present ideas in a convincing way. Your idea isn't always going to be the best one or the chosen one. Sometimes you have to work to make someones else's ideas develop. There are some bad creative/art directors and some great ones. But the most important thing is developing the best direction for the client.
  10. I like the 3/4 version more, mostly because it has more character and personality than the side view. You need to clean up the curves in many places on both versions. I highlighted some areas of concern for you below. The red areas are awkward curves. The beak is way too straight and long in the highlighted area. You'll notice in this area and the top of the head that the curves change and need to be manually reworked (it looks like this is a stroke issue). The other red dot to the left of the beak has a point that's not needed. I'd recommend a single curve until you reach the point between the beak and point Im referring to. Maybe the second curve under the beak could be a bit bolder as well. Might not be needed tho. The blue spaces are just areas I recommend cleaning up. The nostril has a weird shape that strays from the style of the rest of the features in my opinion. The curve under the eye could be exaggerated more or turned into a single point as opposed to the 2 points you currently have. The shadow above the eye is too thin in my opinion, as is the curve to the left of the beak. The back curve (again highlighted blue) seems to be slightly awkward in the highlighted area. And the bottom point is actually experiencing the same problem as the beak/back of head stroke I mentioned. Also, above I illustrated ways you could improve the curves if my words weren't super clear. Hard to explain these sort of things w/o examples haha The top example is just showing in general what I mean by a thin curves and then to the right is how you could improve it. The left version is similar to what you have above the beak currently. Thin curves could get lost when the logo is shrunk down. The bottom example is specifically for the area under the eye.
  11. Theres nothing wrong with gradients. With as progressive as technology is today, gradients will be seen much more often in identity packages. We stare at screens all day so we don't have the constraints of print. With that said, I don't think the gradient is even part of their logo, but rather just something they used as a background for the logo. The gradient is actually a much more unique way to approach colors than your ideas. The script is much happier, positive and uplifting than the sans-serif you chose. I think you could achieve the same feelings with a SS for sure, but right now it's extremely generic and doesn't reflect the energy they're attempting to represent. I don't mind the shift to sentence case for the secondary text, but paired with sentence case in "Out" creates a weird visual imbalance. The all caps in the current logo balances better with the "out" script. Keep working!
  12. It's getting better, but the tongue does feel too long. Should be just barely outside his mouth. Right now it looks like it's too big for his mouth lol
  13. You should work on presenting your concepts differently. The background is too busy to focus on your work. But I think the primary logo is fine. I don't think the underlines are really needed anymore. Both dog logos aren't bad. I think they could use some more fine tuning. The back legs on the full body logo seem off to me. Maybe some more detail on the left leg as seen in the reference image you posted above? I actually agree that the dog appears somewhat cat like. Maybe try experimenting with a rounder eye shape. Something more similar to the old logo. Also, maybe a visible tongue could help it appear more like a dog? You don't see many cats with a tongue wagging haha
  14. I've never heard of "Logo Maker" or "Logo Smartz". Just forget those all together. Logos are done on Adobe Illustrator because they need to be in vector format. This allows logos to scale without losing quality. Making a banner for a website could be done on Illustrator as well but Photoshop is your go-to program for that. InDesign is also used creating print ads/banners/PDF docs/books/etc. in addition to other things. If you're just starting out, I'd focus on Illustrator and Photoshop. But remember that design isn't about learning a program...programs change all the time. Learn what makes a good brand or banner or whatever you're trying to design. You should worry about being restricted as a designer. You don't really need to choose a "field" because design itself is the field. You may be working on a logo for a team in addition to a website for a bank on the same day.
  15. I think it'd be a smart move. Even though the Rams have a history in LA, it's hard identifying them with the city because their brand is exactly as it was a year ago.
  16. Yeah I'd agree that there are too many spikes/edges in general. Also don't think the darker red shadow is needed. You could probably execute the highlight on the beak better as well. The eyes look sort of cross eyed so maybe theres a way to rethink the shapes and change that. I get why you have it like you do, but maybe it needs to be finessed a bit more.
  17. lawwwwd @Zedd killed that @justinbieber remix.

  18. @ChantelJeffries tmz

  19. this so pretty @VICELAND

  20. It's ugly but as you said there's still the ugly cool factor. The buffaslug, for example, is ugly and un-cool.
  21. This one is weird but kinda cool in a vintage type of way. They could make a killing by bringing this back and selling fauxback shirts and jackets with embroidered patches and whatnot with this logo imo. I could see an entire direction built off this that would become "cool".
  22. I'm pretty sure Doubleday&Cartwright used the Jagermeister logo as inspo for the Bucks logo (on the ESPN article about the rebrand..?..).
  23. nope, not vibin with that album.