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  1. I like what I see here. But, I don't really know what I see here. It does make sense to move the Lakers identity to reflect the glitz and glammer of Los Angeles. I think you grasp that concept very well. The identity you crafted here is very energetic, simple, and can market to the next generation of fans while retaining the fact that Los Angeles is a hot market for stars. However the elements in this identity makes me question what it is. I understand the theme maybe"shooting for the stars" but in my interpretation the direction screams "city of spotlights" to me which definitely works with the set of logos and wordmarks you got here.

    The primary logo: What is it exactly? Yes, it is regal which depicts the Laker's historic dominance of the NBA. But it looks like a futuristic military badge to me at first glance. At second glance, maybe its a spotlight to depict the market of stars that Los Angeles is always shown to be.

    The Secondary Logo: Again. It's dynamic, energetic, and vibrant. Which I applaud you for grasping those details for a secondary. However, like was stated before, it looks like it may be for the Pacers. In my opinion, it looks like a lightbulb, which can definitely work going to the theme of LA being the city of spotlights.

    I feel like you are in the right direction here. A lot of good elements working well with this identity. Yes, I think the wordmark needs work but it fits with this entire identity. If the Lakers went into this direction, it would gradually be accepted due to this great execution of the identity. Great job.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I agree that it's definitely a more abstract concept. You're actually right on with the futuristic military badge. I was kind of going for that look. I was generally more or less trying to create a unique shape that had upward movement.

    As I said in another comment, I definitely see the secondary logo as being Pacer-ish. Didn't notice that until I was done with it tho.

    Thanx again for all the comments tho! I probably won't go back and rework this one just due to time but I am working on concepts for other teams so keep a look out for those soon!!

  2. Here's the wildly different Mavericks!


    Great work but I think because the Mavs have used a horse in the past, the natural first reaction is "whoa is that a dead horse with horns???" well thats what I thought anyways. Great execution but I doubt they'd go this route. Still loving it as a concept tho.

  3. The Lakers have a classic identity, but it could use an update. I am a Lakers fan, so this had to grow on me. It did, but I also would love to see dandelion yellow. Otherwise, great work, and nice job.


    My only real complaint here is this:

    The "LA" in "Lakers" should be the same color as the rest of the word.

    Besides that, nice work.

    Yeah I think that could go either way on the primary. In other applications it can be printed as one color or two.

    Thanx for the feedback!!

    GENERAL: I like the two-colored LAKERS typo a lot, because it's witty. Although the overall impression would suffer from a lack of readability when being depicted on a purely white background, because the yellow "LA" doesn't have any purple outline, drop shadow, etc.

    PRIMARY MARK: I'm not completely sold on the shape of the mark. On the one hand it looks energetic, but on the other hand it's also a little bulky. I also think that the entire text in the primary could be bigger. Especially "LOS ANGELES" is way too small in my view to shine out. You might enlarge the entire text and place it further up. The basketball is big enough in order to still be recognized as one, so that shouldn't cause a problem. This would probably also solve my bulkiness problem that I have with the logo. I would get rid of the gray/(silver) outlines around the primary (and secondary mark). Since the Lakers have never been using gray (or silver) and no other marks except those two have them, they're rather superfluous.

    SECONDARY MARK: Simple. Good.

    WORDMARK: My biggest concern is how the wordmark is arranged. You placed the linear typeset "LOS ANGELES" text above the "LAKERS" text which upper half's arch has a negative value. In order to avoid the unnecessary and ungainly negative space in between the two text lines, you could either place "LOS ANGELES" underneath "LAKERS", in between the initials "L" and "S". But then it would read "LAKERS / LOS ANGELES" (like the Brooklyn Nets) and "LOS ANGELES" would very likely be too small. Or you might just arch the lower half of "LAKERS" to achieve the same goal in a different way.

    MONOGRAM LOGO: The "LA" monogram is simple, yet appealing. I don't know how it would look after arching the lower half of the word "LAKERS" as mentioned above.

    UNIFORMS: I like the uniforms. But I think they could use at least some subtle side panelling.

    Awesome feedback! Agree with the possibility of readability issues. I intended that, according to the purpose, the word mark can be printed as one color or two.

    Agree with the Los Angeles potion being a bit small.

    Lakers haven't used silver as you said but I think it works nicely as a slight accent color. I'm trying to introduce something totally new so I'm not super concerned with things not being 100% as the past says they are. Totally see what you're saying tho.

    Again, thanx for the awesome feedback!

  4. The new primary is extremely creative, although quite risky. This is what Laker Nation needs though, a rebrand along with some big roster moves.

    hey thanx! It's definitely risky but why make a concept without being a little crazy? :P

    Totally agree tho. I wanted to do something completely new that left the old eras in the past and allows the future/current players to build their own legacy.

  5. Can you explain your process a bit? I don't know what I'm looking at with the structure in the primary is. Is there any reason you decided on three silver stars and then didn't use silver anywhere else in the concept? The secondary logo with the L and it's shape looks more like a partial logo for the Pacers as opposed to something for the Lakers.

    I do like the LA being a different color as being a clever allusion to Los Angeles but I think it could be worked a little more.

    The uniforms are a little plain, the Lakers have had some sort of side paneling for the bulk of their history and the uniform seems empty without it. Is there a reason for the three white bars near the arm holes or are they just there?

    I went with the idea that the Lakers are most definitely always "shooting for the stars"...whether that's championships, players, big name coaches, etc. The stars sort of represent all that. The upward motion of the ball (instead of to the right) signifies a new direction. However they're still aiming for rings/top players/being the showtime team everyone loves.

    I agree with the secondary being Pacer-ish. I wanted a LA logo separate from anything that symbolizes a ball. I like the current L-ball logo and wanted to pay homage to it while still connecting it to my ideas. The 3 stripes come from the laces on the ball. Goes without saying that the stripes coming off the ball allude to the Lakers script on the current primary.

    The 3 white stripes on the side connect with the 3 stripes seen on the ball logo I created. Just trying to be consistent with that. I'm not a big fan of large bulky side paneling and I don't think it's worked well on other concepts so I went a different route. I'm definitely in the minority of people that enjoys the minimal-ized Raptors Lakers ideas definitely stem from that a bit.

    Personally I can see the uniforms being pretty fashionable due to the simplicity. The Nets are successful with a younger market because the uniforms are wearable on a regular basis. I think the Raptors will be as well.

    I really like it just wish it was dandelion yellow and not jut yellow. That's my only complaint

    Thank you! I definitely switched between several yellows and purples.

  6. I'm in love.

    I'm super glad to hear that!!

    I'm in love with the primary / secondary / home / away .

    I'm not competely sold on the word mark and the LA lettering. The old font is classic and without any kind of serif on the new wordmark, it feels unfinished / unimpactful IMO.

    That said, everything is beautiful and I'm in the opinion that most of the NBA is in dire need of an update. Yours is the what the Lakers need.

    First off, thanx for the love and comments!!

    I agree that the lettering is a big step away from what they currently have. I did play with SEVERAL font ideas for this project. I did roundels that were very much the BK/TOR look, I tried serif lettering, etc etc....but I felt like for MY concept I had to go with something a bit unexpected. It either has to change completely or stay exactly the same as the old logo because otherwise it ends up looking like a knock off. I looked at a lot of other Lakers concepts and wasn't a fan of the vibes I got from updated serif lettering.

  7. I really don't think the Thunder identity is that bad at all, as some have also said. It's generic and could be upgraded for sure, but it was done professionally and at least looks professional. It fits in with other NBA logos. It may fit a team named OKC Basketball Club better than OKC Thunder...

    But the Clippers entire identity is poorly done IMO. I don't mind the black being added, and the court isn't horrible. But the logos, uniforms, number font, etc are all horrible. It's really unacceptable.

  8. I thought Buzz City was just the marketing push for the Bobcats transition to Hornets.

    Charlotte's the Queen City, along with Cincinnati, right?

    Love those colors together. Just not for the Hornets. Or Jaguars. Mostly the Marlins.

    Players and fans here in Charlotte like the Buzz City name.

  9. I think Paul Lukas wrapped it up well saying that this is more of a current fashion jersey than a timeless jersey. I disagree with him in that I do kind of like it, but that does make sense to me. Walk into any sporting goods store and look around, everything is highlighter neon colored. The reason the Hawks' primary logo doesn't reflect this is because they will probably change again in 5-6 years. But screw it, why not take the chance to do this now?

    Then in today's post he tried to make it a race thing and I stopped listening.

    Just read the article. There's no need to create a timeless design when creating a sports uniform, imo. It's more about creating a unique brand that helps a team stand out and sell merchandise to fans. There's nothing wrong with being trendy (as the Hawks have been for a lot of their existence). The Hawks pac logo is definitely timeless tho. It looks good across the multiple uniforms it's been apart of. As long as the Hawks can maintain that identity, why not try riskier things with uniforms?

    After all, basketball is a game. It's meant to be fun. Everyone has different tastes, but we all have to realize that at the end of the day, a sports team taking a visual risk isn't the end of the world.

  10. There's nothing bad about the blue. I think it looks good...was actually expecting them to incorporate it like they did as it only makes sense considering why/how they incorporated it in the branding. I respect everyone's opinions but I think there's a lot of overreaction here in regards to ANY change.

    I do feel like there was a missed opportunity with the M's on the floor tho. The new M's work better with the shape of the center logo, IMO. Doesn't look bad sticking with the OG look tho.

    The idea of the baseline saying "Milwaukee, Wisconsin" is a good one. Not directly the same but reminds me of how the baseline of the old Hornets court used to say Charlotte Coliseum as opposed to Charlotte Hornets or whatever else.