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  1. Here they are.

    I really wish they would have snuck some black onto the home set. Though it's not how I would do it, I don't mind ATLANTA on the homes.

    Yeah adding black to the home set would be my only addition based on first impressions.

    I really love what they did here. Compared to the past branding, they finally have a look that separates them from everyone else. I know a lot of people here seem to be more traditional in taste when it comes to uniforms (and that's fine) but I feel like these uniforms and this branding will be super successful for ATL.

  2. I like how Nike fed you guys "volt" and you use it like that's an actual term for a color and not made up nonsense.

    Literally every name for everything is made up nonsense. Someone had to decide that black was "black".

    But regardless I love where these unis seem to be going. The NBA needs more unique, crazy uniforms. From the looks of it, they don't seem to be too over the top...just the right amount to give them the unique look they (and every team) deserve.

  3. Pretty good work in general. Agree with others about the nose looking like a mouth in addition to the back legs being too long. I find them to be just too big in general.

  4. My predictions for all of the TBDs

    Sixers: White home, blue road, red alt

    Bucks: Cream home, Green road, blue alt

    Bulls: City of Chicago flag pride uniform

    Cavs: Blue and orange fauxback pride

    Clippers: White home, red road, blue alt

    Hawks: White home, red road, black and volt alt

    Heat: Some stupid typical Heat style alt 2

    Hornets: Pinstripe pride

    Nuggets: Rainbow pride (sounds like gay rights uni haha)

    Pelicans: Black and gold pride

    Pistons: Red alternate

    Raptors: White home, red road, black alt with gold, grey alt 2

    Rockets: Yellow alt 2, red clutch city pride

    Suns: Black alt 1

    Thunder: Orange alt 2

    Wizards: DC flag alt

    I'm guessing for the Hornets it'll be a black "Buzz City".

  5. I like the old ball better. The line under the S is bothersome on the new logos.

    Honestly, I would love to see Ben with Philadelphia 76ers above/below him like the old Hormets logo. Doesn't really match the general vibe of NBA primaries but that's why I'd love to see it.

  6. These are very cool. The lightning bolt K is very creative but I think you should have at least one/two jerseys that say Thunder.

    Also, give the OKC letters a bit more space. They're too tight together right now.

    Awesome idea tho!

  7. So out of curiosity, I had to jump on a design and based on what others have designed and, what I think the Raptors uniforms will look like based off the rumors and the script that we have seen.raptors_uniforms3_zpsnd2xdhtm.png

    *edit* I added the both alternates even though I know its not accurate. But I just wanted to get my two cents in, on what I think the uniforms will look like.

    For some reason I think there will be gold added into the uniform design. Based off what we saw with the "Big 6" t-shirt design that was presented to the fans for the Raptors home game, I think it will be some Metallica finish to gold ball under the numbers to stand out. Plus with the "drake night" going all gold ( I'm assuming ) I think it will apply to all the uniforms . But who knows. I'm sure i'm reading too far into this but. I guess in the mean time it gives us something to think about.

    I absolutely love these

  8. I'd say the new bottom 3 NBA logos would be

    28: Timberwolves (looks like a minor league baseball team, all that's missing are the bats)

    29: Rockets (I actually like their unis but the logo itself is unacceptable)

    30: Thunder (duh)

    You're telling me these:


    are worse than these...


    Yes. I'm a fan of Brooklyn's identity (not so much everyone else trying to be them), and while the Lakers really need to update their logo to fit their current look, the script over a ball is their thing (sorry Admiral). Of course, that doesn't excuse the Cavs and Clippers from doing the same thing, but just like the Nets the logo itself shouldn't be to blame for others copping that style and making it overused.

    I agree. The Nets branding is pretty solid. Their merchandise is "fashionable" and although everything is pretty simple, it still has a distinct look.

    The Lakers branding is just highly recognizable and known. I think it could use an update, but it definitely works and there's nothing really "wrong" or "bad" about it.

    With any of these brands, it all depends on whether or not it's working...and in the case of the Lakers and Nets I think it is working.

  9. Because everything about this rebrand is poorly thought out.

    Would that include a disconnection between what they wanted to what the fans wanted ? It just seems like there was no thought into what the fans like or wanted as to suppose to what they felt was right.

    while I love the dino unis and past branding (as do many Raptors fans), I don't think they necessarily had to be influenced by what we all say we like. The new stuff doesn't look bad at all and I actually like it more as I see it applied to different things.