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  1. What's with the knock on Maine?? I think he was just stating Maine because they are the most eastern state Yeah that's my bad, I misread it. I thought I was coming to Maine's defense!
  2. clear out your inbox, trying to send a pm man

  3. well this continues the trend from the previous 4 or 5 years. Not sure why they keep going the route of graphic lockups as opposed to free form wordmarks that are used on every other mlb jersey. just makes it feel bush league in my opinion
  4. cward

    ERay, whats up my man. I saw your post on that UMO concept. I too grew up in Maine, in Exeter, about a half hour north of Bangor. Where are you from?

  5. Definately a rip.. look at the snout detail. Shameful!
  6. absolutely stunning work, andrew. the set looks fantastic
  7. Since when was the goal in sports branding to simply avoid the 'top 10 worst' list? There is no reason to excuse mediocrity. The jags blew it...big time.
  8. Love the mark Andrew. I think w/ a version of their original sleeve striping this concept would be right on.
  9. Exactly! I know Del Rio wants a 'tough football team' image but by going with this new font it throws off the rest of the identity. Jaguars themselves are smooth, agile cats, as the original font and wordmark reflected...what a shame. And no gold? That is the most prominent color on jaguars for goodness sake. It's role as an accent color was perfect in the previous set. Now the uniforms look washed out.
  10. The NHL also developed a vintage set of marks for yesterday's event, most notably featured on the coaches game jackets.
  11. Good heavens...SME certainly did their part in delivering a minor league product to a minor league ball club. What a shame...