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  1. Well Jacksonville had to get creative to cover up the Florida-Georgia field graphics... Jags logo on a teal rectangle at midfield and larger NFL shields on the sideline 25 yard lines to cover the SEC conference logo and of course the greened-out college hash marks...
  2. Well the addition of the AFC logo in Cleveland's end zone reverses this trend and looks good here ..its a nice field and an even though I generally agree about preferring full color end zones, I think this is an upgrade over the past couple years. The striping on the 50 is nice, although I think either the NFL shield or Cleveland's helmet would be better than nothing at midfield.
  3. Too bad this year's fields won't look like these old fields of the past, or something like this:
  4. I actually remembered it as a whole different end zone, but actually they only added "World Champions' to the the regular end zone, so its easier than it could have been.... And nope they didn't paint the end zones for that NFC title game either. Here's a hint, it wasn't in Tampa.
  5. Awesome to see these Bucs fields, especially the playoffs... i wish they colored the end zone more, but i guess it makes it more special since they don't. They of course never made the Super Bowl during the Bucco Bruce years and for home playoff games in 1979 they didn't color the end zones.... however, trivia question here, who can tell us when was the only time there ever was a orange painted Buccaneer end zone? Also one correction, for 2003 season (I believe for the whole year) the Bucs put "World Champions" in the end zone.
  6. Okay let's try these: NFC First Round Playoff Game, January 8, 1983: St. Louis at Green Bay Monday Night Football, October 17, 1983: Washington at Green Bay:
  7. Thank you, yes I just go for the broad strokes, and let you guys chime in with the details.... I saw the Gold G on the field for the 1982 playoff games vs. Cardinals but wasn't sure if it was still there in 1983 for that game. Apparently they used the same helmets but in Cardinal red with white trim. Wonder if they did the same for other opponents in that time frame or for just the playoff game and the Monday Night game because they were "special" games?
  8. Also, this, the field from the 1983 Redskins at Packers MNF classic game.
  9. The 1997 "Feel The Power" end zone was used by Bucs all season, not just the playoff game, here's a screenshot from Week 9? Minnesota at Tampa Bay. I see to remember "Feel The Power" was an NFL wide thing, not just the Bucs, especially Week 1, however not sure if any other teams used it on their field.
  10. One correction to the Chiefs thread, the 1986 with new red endzones actually started at least as early as 1984... That year they had the AFL 25th Anniversary logo at midfield as well. Source: 1984 Chiefs Team Yearbook
  11. Thank you, fixed... yep those 2,144 images that are in there now is basically a "dump" of all the images from 1900-2014 that I had laying around from last time & there are many error and duplicates in there. If any one wants to contribute any more corrections in this thread they are welcome! Also if any of you want to work with Jay on contributing images he's back at it as of now!
  12. Just wanted to let you guys know, The Diamond Uniform Database is back online. I'll be working with Jay (and hopefully the others we were working with) to get his uniforms on the site. New URL: http://www.diamonduniformdatabase.com/
  13. I guess you might have seen, for today's game Cowboys didn't put the "Divisional Playoffs" logo on the field of play... they put it outside the sidelines instead. Just the NFL shield on the 25s.
  14. Three small details, I don't know if you want to consider showing or not: In today's Raiders-Texans game I noticed the hash marks were outlined at midfield inside the Texans logo. For the Titans last game of the season, the colors for the two college teams (Nebraska & Tennessee, I think) were inadequately covered up in the endzones, they were showing through How about the "Salute to service" stuff and the pink-tober stuff... someone mentioned on Twitter that for the Eagles game against the Vikings, they had pink trim on the Eagles wordmark in the end zone I understand if you don't intend to incorporate these, just wanted to mention them.
  15. Just saw on Sportscenter, it appears the Seahawks will have a lime green end zone tonight to match their uniforms. Also last Sunday, Saints-Bucs game at Raymond James the Bucs had painted their end zone red now that USF is done for year. http://www.bucsnation.com/2016/12/11/13913884/buccaneers-paint-end-zones-red-against-saints
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