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  1. Anyone happen to know what this font is? Thanks in advance.
  2. Lantern Corps Division pt 2 Orange Lantern v1 Orange Lantern v2 Violet Lantern v1 Violet Lantern v2 Indigo Lantern v1 Indigo Lantern v2 Black Lantern v1 Black Lantern v2 White Lantern v1 White Lantern v2
  3. Lantern Corps Division pt 1 Yellow Lantern v1 Yellow Lantern v2 Blue Lantern v1 Blue Lantern v2 Red Lantern v1 Red Lantern v2
  4. Yeah man. Yours and a few of the other ones were definitely some of the basis of doing these. Like I said, I've seen a few Marvel renditions, but no love for DC in quite awhile, so I decided to see what I could do with them. I think doing a League of Villains one would be cool and may try some of them after we run through the DC roster. Hope to bust out a few more tomorrow and have some new posts.
  5. Next Round I guess we can call this the Atomic Division The Atom v1 The Atom v2 Captain Atom Firestorm v1 Firestorm v2
  6. Thanks. A couple of guys have done some MARVEL concepts on here already, so I don't know really what I could bring different to the party, but I may see what I can come up with. There's a big DC roster to go thru first.
  7. Good Suggestions. I'll see what I can do with them. Thanks!
  8. Another Set Batman '66 Nightwing Robin Red Robin Captain Marvel/Shazam! Captain Marvel Jr Who should be next? Any suggestions/requests?
  9. ha ha. Yeah. I was wondering if this was going to trip anybody up. This is more of a take on his Captain Thunder version from one of the alternate universes. But yeah, same dude.
  10. Round 2 Shazam!/Captain Thunder Martian Manhunter Green Arrow Green Lantern v2
  11. Thanks for the compliment. I wasn't going to use any stripes for a couple of reasons. 1st was being a side view or the helmet. 2nd, and this is probably the most important reason, I suck at trying to make stripes on helmets. lol. Thanks. The way I'm looking at them, the Batman v1 does have a glossy finish to it, but that could just be how I'm seeing it. I may try a few things with it and post an update later. Thanks. The Batman v2 is a take on the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie.
  12. Inspired by a couple of the Marve/NFL helmets & uniform concepts, here are my versions of DC NFL Football helmets. I used the Riddell Speedflex by Darth Brooks. The logos were various ones found on the internet. The wallpaper backgrounds are mine (lol). Hope you guys like these. Any C&C is welcome. Superman Batman v1 Batman v2 Green Lantern Flash Aquaman ...more to come
  13. This side template is amazing Darth B! I was wondering if it isn't too much trouble, can you make a side one facing the other direction as well. It would be awesome to use for some face to face matchup concepts. Thanks in advance.
  14. Care to take a shot at this one? It's for a local high school that I'm thinking of having made into a hoodie. Fixed the Blue to match the U post. Thanks in Advance!
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