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  1. RT @kdreamcatchers: Rosa Parks was not protesting the bus. Gandhi was not protesting the food. The colonists were not protesting tea. Playe…

  2. RT @Weinsteinlaw: It’s a sad day in America when we ban professional athletes from protesting peacefully before we ban the sale of assault…

  3. RT @tylerrsuarez: The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is 73 million millennials with a vote.

  4. RT @SenSanders: It is not a radical idea to say that every American citizen over the age of 18 should be automatically registered to vote.

  5. RT @RealSaltLake: No one better. https://t.co/EUEzaKT18P

  6. RT @RaminNasibov: Playing with lenses https://t.co/ycBb45lJVe https://t.co/GDsWSB3AFb

  7. RT @claudiag0292: Me when I realized that gambino's dance moves distracted me from all the craziness happening in the background and that's…

  8. RT @sydneeW_: when you was pressed for warm weather but forgot about how hot your room is at night https://t.co/e2JlSIwZyS

  9. RT @dodo: This woman was so nervous when she adopted a two-legged cat — until she saw her jumping on the kitchen counters! https://t.co/mW1…

  10. RT @Janice_Resist: If the president won't honor James Shaw Jr., we will! James Shaw Jr. is paying for the funeral of each of the four Waf…

  11. RT @BreezyAlex_: maybe this is weird, but i really enjoy just sitting and talking in a car with someone at night. why a car? idk, but i cou…

  12. RT @darrenrovell: Fifteen months ago, Trevor Richards was working in the gift shop at Miller Brewery in Milwaukee. Tonight, he’s pitching a…

  13. RT @BostonGlobe: Arizona resident Sarah Sellers placed second in the #BostonMarathon today. This is only the second marathon she's ever ra…

  14. RT @nowthisnews: Teachers in Oklahoma are paid so little that this food pantry has to provide meals for many of their families https://t.co…

  15. RT @JasmineLWatkins: This is mesmerizing https://t.co/63YLdqoJHR

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