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  1. The Panthers have had their uniforms since their inaugural season in 1995, with the exception being the updated logo.
  2. Random observation, but I find it unique that the Panthers use their alternate blues for things like this so often. For introductory press conferences, team photo shoots, or when players wear their jerseys to charitable events, it seems like they're almost always in the blue alternates.
  3. All that would do is make the sweat stains even larger. The entire front of those jerseys are covered in mesh as opposed to some random panels. I get to watch the phenomenon every time my Panthers wear our blue alts. .
  4. I wonder why South Carolina is still using the old Under Armour template. They would cut off the shoulder stripes on the new template.I guess I never noticed it before, but South Carolina has a weird stripe, almost like an abbreviated UCLA stripe. The shoulder panel is a little cluttered with all of those elements. Reminds me of this: It would look better if they put the TV numbers on the sleeves (where they have the primary Gamecock logos), and then they could move the primary logo to the front to replace the generic "CAROLINA" wordmark. A better modern example would be a jersey from the same region as South Carolina - my very own Panthers. Similar to the Gamecocks, either the stripe or logo needs to go - it's so damn cluttered on the modern jersey fit.
  5. The Panthers updated their practice uniforms this season. They look more like their on field jerseys, minus the shoulder stripes (a change I would love to see). It can be hard to find a good pic of them on because so many players wear them rolled up due to the crazy SC humidity + heat. All credit goes to Jeremy Igo at for these awesome pictures. Here is some in shorts: Here is Luke in blue with the official pants (love this one):
  6. This is my favorite concept for the Panthers I've seen. Most people go a little too modern with our concepts because we're relatively new, but our owner would never go for anything like that. The only complaint i have is that the shoulder claw marks are a little small. They almost disappear on the blue jerseys because of their silver border. Great stuff though. The Bengals are perfect. Wouldn't change a thing.
  7. That was a joke. The reveal is tonight at 6pm. I'm going to the event, but the logo has been leaked in other places. It's basically a recoloring of the blue and red one you posted.
  8. In a vacuum I agree that these look good. The Hornets color scheme rocks. But as a fan of the team, the Bobcats team name and especially their old font does nothing but bring back bad, bad memories. Part of the beauty of the name change and re-branding is that we are leaving the Bobcats in the dust.
  9. Carolina did not upgrade to the 51 Elite template. They still use the old template and old collar along with the Raiders and Packers.
  10. The new FSU helmets look a lot better. I'm assuming they also fixed the face mask - it's hard to tell on my TV.
  11. App State alum/grad student here. I'm really digging what you did with these. This board hated that we went back to our old Yosef logo, but I'm a huge fan of it. I think the alternates you made with that logo look freakin' awesome. The standard home and aways also look good, as I'm a fan of simplicity.
  12. I agree that OP's B looks forced. If you make the bottom loop of the B smooth as opposed to having that little heat shape I think it will look much better. Sure it won't be symmetrical, but the bottom of the B looks awkward.
  13. Your homerism is showing. The Patriots aren't even close to #8. They have that well recognizable look due to Tom Brady and Belichick, but if you look at those uniforms in a vacuum they're horrendous. The shoulder stripes and logo clutters the shoulder up (just like the Panthers) and the side piping reeks of the mid-2000's Reebok disasters. Red and blue are my two favorite colors and it's a shame to see them so poorly executed with the Pats. The red alternate throwback, however, is amazing.
  14. As mentioned above, we hosted the DNC two years ago. We have also already hosted an All Star game in 1991. Then you have Panthers games with 75k+ during the fall, as well as two huge NASCAR races just up the road in Concord. I think Charlotte will be fine, especially given a few years to prepare.
  15. Panthers 20th anniversary patch, which will be worn on the uniforms all season.
  16. I don't have a problem with the kit template being used heavily. It's a great template - clean and attractive. Those things will definitely sell. It's better than them forcing a new design simply for them to be more differentiated and it look horrible. In other words, I'll take everyone's third kit looking like the Chicago Bears over one looking like the Jags, one the Bucs, etc.
  17. These look amazing. I don't know if you're taking any suggestions (given the time commitment already in them), but the one that I would consider changing is Detroit. Given the dimensions of the blocks, you need an immediately recognizable logo for each since you can't fit it all in there. I think you did a good job with that for all of them but Detroit. I looked at that one for a while before I put it together. Either way, those look sweet.
  18. No, they are not the same. The Puma Kits have red numbers and sponsor badges. It looks awful. It would be fine with blue numbers and sponsors. They didn't need to use all of the primary colors... this would be so much better: This x100. The red names and numbers stuck out like a sore thumb and clashed horribly. The blue and yellow is fine, but throwing red in there ruins it.
  19. I'm a fan of everything except the color scheme. I think either blue and white as a nod to the Huskies or bringing back purple to their current color scheme would look fantastic with these, that way it still feels like them. But other than that, I like them.
  20. Here's mine: I absolutely despise the Sonics' color scheme mixed in with their identity. The colors work with the Packers for historical reasons, they look okay with the A's, but that color scheme is so outdated for some reason for the Sonics. When looking at pictures of Durant there in 2007 I feel like I'm watching a game from the 70's. I hope if they return to the NBA that their brand gets a major overhaul.
  21. I'm itching to see the App State concept. We (justifiably) never get any sort of concepts of us thrown out there.
  22. Pepsi sponsors the Panthers practice uniforms, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that they could sponsor a soccer team. The only thing I don't like about the Carolina FC concept is the purple. Being that we are the Queen City and the logo has a crown, this color scheme resembles the Sacramento Kings a little too much. As a Panthers fan, the black and silver colors rock, but I think the main one should be different from purple. Heck, even a Panthers-esque blue would look really sharp.
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