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  1. possibly the biggest wet fart of an ending to an intriguing season since 2007.
  2. y'know, this is kinda surreal to me considering I never really knew a world without the modernized BK logo (which, for the record, gives me nostalgia for NFS Underground 2). with the related branding, the new (old?) logo feels very specifically '70s; seems weird to invoke the most unappetizing decade in recent history for a restaurant, but I'm just some dumb zoomer, so what do I know. as an aside, I will personally fight everyone here who doesn't like the '00s Pizza Hut logo. that was the pinnacle of restaurant logo design and I'm willing to die for that cheese-stuffed belief.
  3. U N S A F E F O R H I G H W A Y U S E
  4. GM be like "man you know what I miss? Web 2.0."
  5. actually, this reminds me: not only should the Suns keep Phoenix, but the Coyotes and Cardinals should both go back to using Phoenix. two syllables is a whole lot less unwieldy than four. the Diamondbacks using Arizona has never really bothered me, though. weird.
  6. I stand very firmly behind the first part of this statement. as for the second part, well, uh, you see, about that,
  7., Texas A&M really deserved to be in Notre Dame's spot. hell, I'd take Indiana over ND.
  8. so we're just gonna act like that was a completely legitimate result with no officiating bias whatsoever? cool, okay.
  9. almost 40 years in FBS and seven previous failed attempts later, Ball State has finally won a bowl game.
  10. made a huge college football realignment doc. expanded to 146 teams, adding two new conferences based in the northeast (one being a revived Big East). there's a bowl lineup in there, too.
  11. jesus f-cking christ, that was the most blatantly f-cking rigged game I've ever seen. shudder to think how much NCAA c-ck falwell has sucked.
  12. okay, here's my counter-argument: bowl tie-ins are stupid and bad and should not exist. UNC or Oregon don't deserve a NY6 berth the same way the [REDACTED]s or Giants don't deserve a playoff home game.
  13. yeah, critiquing designs is really hard when they're literally all bangers. god, the grid on the clash jersey is so cool.
  14. why is undefeated Coastal not in a NY6 game but 3-loss North Carolina is.
  15. we already beat them in their own stadium and all we get is "co-champs." piss off. tulsa, I'm asking you a gigantic favor.
  16. gotta say, I was making a whole lot of faces there during the 4th quarter in CCU/Troy. now if they could sh-tstomp Louisiana and Tulsa could beat Cincy, that would rule.
  17. well, it's nice to see the Riverdogs get to stay. still don't know why Charleston isn't in the Southern League when either they or Columbia really should be, but at least they're still a team.
  18. I think I might be the only actual Coastal fan here so I should probably weigh in on this development. jesus christ we beat BYU.
  19. oh hell yeah, a good coastal carolina team for the first time since the FCS days
  20. nice to know the islanders probably would've demolished dallas. took you long enough, bolts. change your goddamn uniforms.
  21. oh well, time to be irrelevant for 20 years again. go stars.
  22. hey, we won a game! my expectations have already been exceeded!
  23. I, for one, am not at all surprised that the types of people who would go to an NFL game during a pandemic are the types of people who would boo a show of racial unity.