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  1. oh well, time to be irrelevant for 20 years again. go stars.
  2. hey, we won a game! my expectations have already been exceeded!
  3. I, for one, am not at all surprised that the types of people who would go to an NFL game during a pandemic are the types of people who would boo a show of racial unity.
  4. still got old Tavares and RGIII jerseys in my closet. the more I learn about Karl Malone, the more his Jazz jersey becomes one of these to me.
  5. correct me if I'm wrong, but Lehigh Valley might be another Minnesota situation on a smaller scale with Allentown and Bethlehem.
  6. this felt like it needed its own separate thread from movies and TV shows to me. got the idea when I rewatched the video for Toxicity by System of a Down and saw Daron wearing the best LA Kings jersey, fight me about it.
  7. I just think the tampa bay lightning are too good right now not really bothered because I don't expect the isles to win this series, but lol.
  8. ...they didn't blow it! islanders!
  9. oh, we're playing the "blatant no-call leads to series being extended just in time for cancer survivor to come back and rally his team" game, aren't we
  10. lol nice delay of game, hart. eat my ass.
  11. there's a lot to be said about why certain types of people (specifically talking about americans) hold hockey on such a high pedestal. not to be said here, but there's a lot to be said.
  12. the islanders won a playoff series in toronto before john tavares.
  13. oh god, the islanders are giving me hope again. this never ends well.
  14. congratulations on pretty much being the exact strawman I brought up in my earlier post.
  15. "NOOOOOO KRAKEN BAD NAME MUST END WITH S DUMB TRENDY NAMERINOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" kraken is a great name. go to bed, gramps. also I love how the primary is basically a stylized Cool S.
  16. blue has absolutely no place in the Bucks' uniforms.
  17. these last three are some of the best concepts you've ever posted. florida in particular has what's probably the best gradient I've ever seen on a uniform.
  18. main one I can think of for the Mets is Jon Niese, who pitched in exactly two games at Shea.
  19. those spokane jerseys are fantastic. they kinda remind me of your '90s OKC thunder jerseys, which were also fantastic.
  20. if pass interference is called against Jimmy Smith in SB XLVII and the 49ers score, they complete a 22-point comeback. more importantly, Kaepernick has a ring.
  21. zoomers turn 18 and have to choose between becoming a marxist or tradcath. there's no other option.
  22. 1996-97 NFL playoffs: Jacksonville pull off the upset against New England in the AFC title game, and the Panthers pull off some black magic to beat the Packers in Lambeau over in the NFC. the Super Bowl is played between two teams with a combined four seasons played.