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  1. yet another brand turns their logo into a soulless, minimalist shadow of its former self. and I'm saying that about the Volkswagen logo.
  2. the Sanders Administration needs to shut this league down. replace it with arena football. or rugby. then again, I'm almost certain the 2021 season will be wiped out by a lockout, so the NFL might just do it for us itself.
  3. haha, oh right. football sucks.
  4. normal sport EDIT: three of these are from the same game, christ.
  5. Voted 5. See it as a combination of the current plates and the '00s blue/white plates, which I both love (the blue/white ones are my favorite plates of all time).
  6. as much as I love the Roughnecks, I wonder if @hawkfan89 has grounds to sue
  7. i want that grand rapids jersey. i want it now.
  8. is "Vagina Destroyers" supposed to be a bad thing
  9. sorry, dude, but just "Snakes" sounds awful for a team name. the way I see it, it has to be a specific type of snake, like "Vipers" or "Cobras." and I'm 100% certain that in a world where Detroit didn't get a team in one of the leagues until the '90s, they absolutely would've went with one of those. or "Mustangs." back on topic, I'm weird and actually like teams using state names most of the time. "Utah Jazz" sounds a hell of a lot better than "Salt Lake Jazz."
  10. '80s nostalgia has been in for like 20 years at this point. I swear, Gen Xers are the new Boomers.
  11. Red and blue thematically fit a team named for American independence. Not so much boats and car parts. Honestly, if the Pistons wanted a color scheme that fits the name, they'd go for a really drab, early '00s-esque look. I'm thinking black, navy, and Vegas gold. Speaking of teams wearing black, it has to be said: the Raiders.