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  1. the Islanders look like absolute sh-t and most of the rest of their schedule is against teams fighting for playoff positioning. they're the 2007 Mets on ice, is what I'm saying.
  2. Dude, the only team with a championship out of any of these four won it in the '50s. This is what I like to see.
  3. Right, I'm just gonna say it: these concepts aren't good at all. I can very clearly see that 80% of your process is using the fill tool and copying the logos, however pixelated, into Paint. Your fonts very rarely fit the uniforms (or any uniform, really), and this is more of a personal nitpick, but your worldbuilding is asinine. Honestly, it's kind of sad to watch you post concept after concept without any feedback from people that aren't yourself.
  4. Congratulations, you now have more than half your likes concentrated in one single glorious post.
  5. The Chiefs are never going to win a Super Bowl under Reid. It'll be Patriots vs. Saints, continuing the strange, strange trend of the Patriots winning every AFC title of the Trump presidency.
  6. What a f-cking trash heap. If Brady doesn't retire, this might go down as one of the worst seasons in NFL history.
  8. hey, Saints fans, you already had your Katrina-healing win. now, like most other underdog stories after 10 years, we're sick of you. accept you lost and move on.
  9. Congratulations, Patriots. You won on a f-cking coin flip. NFL overtime rules are bullsh-t.
  10. Hey, Chiefs? Even if you win this game, Andy Reid should still be thrown out on his ass.
  11. When did the Patriots get so boring to watch? They're like the football equivalent of the early-00s New Jersey Devils.