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  1. slowly coming to the realization that Boston is going to have all four championships at once and no please god no help me I want to get off the ride
  2. Never said he was a bad player. I just think he's a scummy human being.
  3. I can't complain at all about the Jets' pick, but honestly, I just think I don't care all that much about the NFL anymore. Like, all sports leagues essentially boil down to dick-waving contests between rich bastards at the expense of the proletariat, but the NFL is that jacked up to almost a comedic degree. And the product isn't even that entertaining to make up for it. The Patriots right now are the real sports equivalent of Reign of Terror-era Triple H. P.S. f-ck Nick Bosa
  4. yeah, I can't see this as anything but the Cards/NFL/both punishing Rosen for wrongthink
  5. The doomed Florida... uh, Gators... from The Sum of All Fears, with what I can only assume are BFBS jerseys that didn't survive the 2000s. If the team didn't just fold right then and there. Then there's their opponents, the Chicago Rockets, who... hey wait a second ANTHONY THERE'S A BOMB IN THE STADIUM GET OUTTA THERE
  6. I'm starting to get the feeling that we're hurtling towards an Isles/Leafs ECF that'll result in the complete destruction of everything from Suffolk County to Sudbury.
  7. hahahaha, it gets funnier with every passing win.
  8. Islanders - Nassau Coliseum Mets - Jackie Robinson Park Jets - Meadowlands Stadium Syracuse - Ernie Davis Dome im hav orignal ideass
  9. I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank you, Michigan State.
  10. Well, uh, this is kinda boring so far. At least Liberty's gone.