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  1. This is a long shot, but does anyone have any information on the Red Wings and Blackhawks wearing their 75th anniversary jerseys randomly on Jan. 27, 1994, two years after the anniversary program ended? This is all I could find as far as videos or pictures from that game go.
  2. I sort of see it, it's sleek. I guess that's about the best you can do. I was thinking the red jet that was in the 90s logo, and that really made me feel it could be interesting looking to say the least.
  3. I wish the navy stripes were red. It's not a bad uniform. The word mark could be more creative. I keep wanting to think of ways to cross the T with a jet, but I don't see how you avoid the body shape comparisons. It would have been better if it was a throwback, but it beats a black or grey jersey.
  4. More images. It looks like there's a clean white helmet in the mix too.
  5. I'm predicting Nike's spin on these will be similar to Reebok's with the NHL Stadium Series uniforms. These are very underwhelming. I would also guess that these won't be mixed and matched, playing into the "flying towards tradition" and "reimagine your identity" mottos with the pictures. Taggart wanted to really minimize Oregon's image, but these look as cookie cutter as his recruiting tweets. I hope they don't do away with the recent Duck head logo that's been pretty prominent the past few years. The helmets are great (anything beats the glitter lids.) But, there's really nothing innovative here. Half-jokingly I was expecting some Off-White influence to play into the 18 year old hypebeast image Oregon has. The green set isn't the worst thing in the world.
  6. I heard that a lot of the near gear, including the uniforms, was in the works during Willie Taggart's transformation of the program. Design looks like a shoehorn to the back to basic kind of message. It's not good, but it's an improvement from mismatched sets.
  7. That's what I'm really hoping for. I know Oregon's schtick is to have a tradition of change, but I think keeping to Mariota-era uniforms and just updating and enhancing is the way to go vs. the mess we've had since 2014. I think that's the identity we should claim going forward into our 2029 rematch against Sparty lol. All the pieces should match from the helmets to the socks.
  8. https://twitter.com/KwadeSays/status/1029118430262177792/photo/1 Supposedly this is the new black Oregon uniform. It was posted from 2019 commit Jaron Water's mom's Snap story. It's blurry mom-phone style video, so maybe it's just the previous set. Plus recruits have been modeling a few previous generations of uniforms, maybe this is the pro combat inspired spring uniform. To me it looks like the duck head is on the shoulders and the numbers are grey/silver instead of green, and the helmet is black with the yellow decal as opposed to the green decal. Oh well, speculation is over tonight. As long as the uniforms all match.
  9. Oregon's assistant DC Tweeted this graphic This is different than the current green jersey, but is it anything new? Hopefully it's a return to the late Mariota era jerseys.
  10. Hey, this may be a little off topic, but I may have better luck than making a new thread. Does anyone have any information about the one off game in the 93-94 season where the Hawks and Wings wore their 91-92 throwback jerseys? Did other teams revisit their 75th anniversary jerseys following that initial season?
  11. This Wyo vs. CMU game is rough. All I see is yellow and white.
  12. http://www.oregonlive.com/recruiting/index.ssf/2017/01/nick_pickett_3-star_safety_con.html Are Oregon's commitment post previewing a new jersey or the uniform the Ducks would have worn in a bowl game? It looks like a "regular" green jersey. I like it.
  13. Interesting practice jersey. The wing pattern is better than the Alamo Bowl jerseys at least.
  14. These Oregon uniforms are such a drag. I'm hoping they're a one-off jersey, but they're probably the green set for now. I am curious though. How do people feel about these jerseys without associating Oregon to them? I like that they used the clean Puddles logo instead of combat-duck and Puddles.
  15. No need to apologize. The replica yellow jerseys didn't have the hanging feathers - that's really my only hunch. I think you're correct though as I'm reading more... http://campussports.net/2016/09/16/oregon-football-ducks-reveal-new-uniforms-on-snapchat-to-recruits/ So this is the basis for the white 1, white 2 and black uniform? The yellow with the glass shattering/hanging feathers must be unique?
  16. I'm 95 percent certain this is the uniform for the weekend, but these mockups are akin to the glow in the dark recruitment photos that Oregon put out last year. The correct white jersey has the hanging feather feature that the yellow jersey had last week.
  17. I like the new Duck uniforms, but I wonder what triggered the early release of them especially on a holiday? I'd guess the lukewarm reaction to the grey uniforms, sellout streak ending and so-so play against UC-Davis led to the early release.
  18. Oregon is planning on revealing their new uniforms tomorrow. Hoping we can put those grey jerseys in the past, and have a set of uniform options.
  19. Nike released a collection of alumni jerseys today, that's where this is from. I would guess this is a fashion jersey. If it's not a fashion jersey, maybe it's a replica of the yellow mach speed jersey they've never used (akin to the alamo bowl uniforms Mariota wore with the elongated wings)? The font is interesting, but I can't see this being a jersey that'll hit the field. http://247sports.fanatics.com/COLLEGE_Oregon_Ducks/search/alumni_jersey
  20. Here's an old pennant from my future (2 weeks from now) alma mater, Central Michigan. It's a bit of a challenge finding their pre flying-C logos, but there's a couple out there along these lines.
  21. I used to hate listening to my voice when editing audio. Now I realized I have a gnarly vocal fry like a male Zooey Deshanel. Decent.

  22. RT @The_XMan16: Thank you everybody for all your support !! Thank you @DetroitRedWings for the opportunity! Heading back to @griffinshockey

  23. So can we finally get rid of Legwand, Quincey, Cleary, Samuelsson, Bertuzzi and the rest of the dead weight?! #SeeYa!

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