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  1. i think its really amusing that the only newbalance football uniform is better than everything adidas has put out
  2. Sk2k

    NBA 2K League

    i couldn't finish reading those buzzword descriptions cruel and unusual punishment by cringing too hard
  3. then i dont think this is the place for you
  4. I genuinely want to see what they would say. Imagine the buzzwords
  5. i want to not like it, but something about that simplicity makes me love it i think its because its a G5 going simple that strikes me
  6. we have our own Lavar Ball in this thread
  7. talk about eyerolls, good lord
  8. allow me to do my best President Trump impersonation Wrong
  9. i love everything about that UCLA uniform, even the plain numbers with no outline. i hope it will look just as nice in motion
  10. Sk2k

    GTA Style Banner

    a celtics one would be neat, russell, bird, mchale, ainge, KG
  11. what? they listed the deisgn elements plainly like that without "the bandana symbolizes the wild wests rough inhabitants who's spirits we want to capture" and "the mustache symbolizes the common feature among men in vegas we want to embody that stiff upper lip"
  12. K-State? Purple pull over would be interesting