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  1. I think Cleveland should use some more Brown or even a vintage cream since the Wolfhounds already use the Green/White Color Schemes. Miami, what about like a bright almost Ocean Blue/Teal-ish color, with some Greens and some bright yellow tones?
  2. Shame that LA already has the Guardians name, it'd work beautifully for Cleveland with the Guardian Bridge. Cleveland - Steamers - Reference to the Shipping industry that helped Cleveland grow Presidents - 7 Former Presidents called Ohio home Flames - The Cuyahoga River has been on fire multiple times at this point I do also like Foresters Miami - I think they need to be be bright, electric..something show-y Sharks Pirates Tortugas/Leatherbacks
  3. Bruins/Celtics - Boston Garden Patriots - Foxboro Stadium Red Sox - No Change needed
  4. Jame M. Curley, 52 Current Mayor of Boston keeping an impressive streak of elections together. He was the biggest driving force behind the creation of Boston Shore Stadium and he's a fervent believe in the power of fan passion when it comes to the game of Markball. 1. New Orleans 2. Phoenix 3. Miami
  5. Actually Ottawa would be an instant move, since if I remember correctly. They're hosting the Worlds Tourney since they have a new barn.
  6. You could name LA the Coyotes, Sabretooths, Dire Wolves, or Mammoths after the La Brea Tar Pits, could always go the route of "Stars, Lights" or "Knights" going off the LA Nights pun. Anaheim could do a "Raptors" move and name them after a popular movie during the time they were founded or being conceived
  7. What Sport and another question is how old is the team?
  8. I actually ran the numbers, and the Captains have a statistically significant pattern of failing to get it done when they’re good enough to be contenders. If you compare the average overall rating of each franchise, they’re the highest-ranked team that doesn’t have multiple titles (by a wide margin). You've got to be kidding..and this is why I'm generally pessimistic about them in the playoffs. Is there anyone I can blame a curse on?
  9. OH FOR F'S SAKE, Another link in Boston's chain of misery