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  1. So my question is will there be any Portuguese teams in the Iberaliga? I mean with a name that references Iberia which does include Portugal
  2. Ubisoft ended up making fictional teams for the Division in both locations so New York ended up having the Shortbows - Hockey Chariots - Basketball Centurions - Baseball No Evidence of a Football Team While DC had the Washington Spears - Baseball Red Pandas - Basketball Daggers - Hockey DC Harriers - Football
  3. Milwaukee Barons comes to mind one playing into the motorcycle culture but also the big Germanic history of the city. Louisville could be something like the Coopers, referencing the art of barrel making which goes into making that famous Kentucky Bourbon.
  4. I love what you did with Boston, it's a particularly interesting crest too.
  5. This has been a great thread, though funnily enough, you've got three British Divisions on that State of the League pic.
  6. Maybe instead of black, it's a really murky blue or purple like the deep ocean..
  7. I'd suggest the Madness, New England is Lovecraft Country plus you can have some fun with the identity in a 90s way.
  8. Personally, I think Cleveland needs a different team name. The Barons were such a disaster, I don't think that this new team would want to associate with that history. Plus wouldn't the North Stars still own naming rights due to the merger?
  9. I think a mix would be good, imo
  10. East Cleveland Detroit Indianapolis Louisville Milwaukee Pittsburgh Tampa West Las Vegas New Orleans Oklahoma City Phoenix San Antonio San Diego
  11. If I can make a suggestion, the Boston Muses. Massachusetts and New England have a proud tradition of female authors and poets.
  12. Orange County S.C Charlotte Towne Queen City Rangers (Cincy) Cleveland Forest Columbus Discovery Dallas Lone Star Houston Cosmos Racing Indy Atomic City S.C Atletico Miami Milwaukee Brauers (Brewers in German) Nashville Pitch Oklahoma Riders Gold Rush S.C St. Brendan S.C (Patron Saint of Sailors and Mariners) (San Diego) Promontory United (Utah was the middle ground for the Union-Pacific line)
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