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  1. Actually Ottawa would be an instant move, since if I remember correctly. They're hosting the Worlds Tourney since they have a new barn.
  2. You could name LA the Coyotes, Sabretooths, Dire Wolves, or Mammoths after the La Brea Tar Pits, could always go the route of "Stars, Lights" or "Knights" going off the LA Nights pun. Anaheim could do a "Raptors" move and name them after a popular movie during the time they were founded or being conceived
  3. What Sport and another question is how old is the team?
  4. I actually ran the numbers, and the Captains have a statistically significant pattern of failing to get it done when they’re good enough to be contenders. If you compare the average overall rating of each franchise, they’re the highest-ranked team that doesn’t have multiple titles (by a wide margin). You've got to be kidding..and this is why I'm generally pessimistic about them in the playoffs. Is there anyone I can blame a curse on?
  5. OH FOR F'S SAKE, Another link in Boston's chain of misery
  6. I was thinking a Baby Blue and Creamsicle Orange set for Houston Maybe a Gold and Brown set for San Fran?
  7. Merge with the AL and the NL, let the two leagues court the PCL teams. Don't worry about making them even as the AL was due for an expansion soon enough.
  8. I like Frontier for Houston as well, it fits with the Star Trek angle that was already mentioned. You can also play up the sort of Neo-Futurism with the idenity by making them the first singular word team in Professional sports. You could maybe do something that I haven't seen on this board but do the San Francisco Sound, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and all sorts of Rock groups that were blurring the lines of genres..you could maybe do it in an effort to get support of both sides of the city.
  9. What Sport? What sort of theme are you hoping to do?
  10. Aengus Lynch returns to the expansion council as he keeps up public appearances after helping construct Boston Shore Stadium. 1. New Orleans - Passion-filled town who knows how to host a party, he thinks they'll be a shoe in to host plenty of Urquhart Cups if selected 2. San Francisco - Aengus personally feels that LA needs a team next to them so there can be some cut down on travel costs. 3. Miami - Fun in the Sun, It'd expose Proffessional Markball to an entirely new demographic and potentially open itself up to a new talent pool if you can get kids to fall in love ith the game. Slot New Orleans into the East and San Fran into the West.
  11. I think it's a reference to the Washington Homestead Grays who were the Yankees of the Negro Leagues. Voyageurs is out due to Milwaukee having that name.