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  1. Was your Jets logo inspired by some of the unused Wild concept logos or is it just a happy accident? It looks great regardless!
  2. The Avs jersey is...interesting. As others have mentioned, there's an '80s Canucks vibe to it, but it also reminds me of the last Stadium Series involving the Kings. Chest stripes which continue onto the sleeves and different colors on either side of the stripes. Make the bottom half of San Jose's burgundy, and there's the basic design of the new Avs version. I can't see how the Kings could make a K or LA work, so maybe a crown?
  3. It's an interesting look. Not sure which I prefer. To keep the stripes on the pants, I added navy to the outside. I worked this their logo some, but the workmark is a bit dated now. One thing that I would need to tweak is the colors because green should probably be avoided given that Dallas and Minnesota would be in the same division with Houston.
  4. Really tying into the original Aeros, this color scheme is almost the WHA franchise. Option 1 has a navy heavy white uniform while option 2 is powder blue heavy. In both cases, the alternate take from the first concept becomes the basis for the home and road uniforms. The design of the above alternate was going to be an hockey version of the Oilers' powder blue uniform (note the stripes). Rather than just create a white version, I recolored the home and road from above. Another idea was to rely more on the Oilers colors, but keep navy around. This more closely resembles the first concept with powder blue replacing red as the base color. It also allows for the Texas flag striping to be used. Still working on how to incorporate orange, but I should have something in the next few days.
  5. Last year, there was a lot of discussion about Houston as a new market for the NHL. If the city was to get a team, it would make the most sense to revive the name Aeros after the successful WHA franchise (1972-78) and later AHL franchise (1994-2013). The original Aeros wore blue and powder blue with AEROS diagonally across the front of both jerseys. Today, the team would need to share the Toyota Center with the Rockets, who are historically a red clad team. The arena follows this color scheme having red seats. In order to match the arena, tie into the history of the name, and avoid looking like the division rival Jets, the Aeros are a red team with navy and powder blue secondary colors. These colors also connect to the other professional sports teams in the area as the Texans wear navy and red and the Astros wear orange and navy. The team's primary logo features a roundel with the team name in white with a navy border on a powder blue background with a WWII era plane over a red circle. The secondary logo is a roundel with a star reminiscent of various US military aircraft, but with an A over top of the star. The home uniform features a red jersey with the primary logo on the front, sleeve stripes which an homage to the Texas state flag with the player's number taking the place of the star, and and hem striping which omits the bottom powder blue and navy stripes since the striping is very thick. The helmet is red with AEROS on the side and the pants are navy with one white and one red stripe down the side. The white uniform uses the same striping on the jersey as the red one plus it retains the red shoulders. The alternate uniform is navy and takes aspects of the WHA team's uniforms (AEROS diagonally across the front, sleeve striping from the white, hem striping from the blue), but with red included. NOBs are of players from the WHA franchise: Frank Hughes - Most Goals Larry Lund - Most Assists/Points Gordie Howe I'm really interested to see what people think about this. C&C are greatly appreciated! Might have some updates in the near future.
  6. I like what Nashville went with for the fauxback logo. There's a few issues with the perspective of the teeth (the back fang should protrude on the right side of the front fang), but overall it really fits the old school aesthetic. It reminds me a bit of the Hamilton Tigers. 1. Original 2. Navy and gold switched 3. Navy and gold switched + eye, nose, and mouth filled
  7. Can't believe I forgot Selanne. Half of his time in Anaheim was in that jersey! Went down the rabbit hole and found 4 more NHL examples. Martin Brodeur - New Jersey Devils 1991-92 Red/Green Uniform & 2010-17 Throwback (He wore the throwback more times than he did the original) Patrick Marleau - San Jose Sharks 1997-98 Teal Jersey & 2015-16 Throwback Ryan Smyth - Edmonton Oilers 1994-96 Blue and White Jerseys & 2011-14 Throwbacks (Main set rather than worn occasionally like all the others on this list) Lastly, other than the addition of the front number, there's Martin Biron - Buffalo Sabres 1995-96 Blue Jersey & 2006-07 Throwback (Looks like he only wore each jersey for 2 games)
  8. With the number of throwback jerseys/uniforms that teams seem to wear, some players get the chance to throw back to a set they wore earlier in their career. A few examples off the top of my head. Luc Robitaille - LA Kings 1986-88 Forum Blue and Gold jerseys & 2003-04 Throwbacks Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry - Anaheim Ducks 2005-06 Mighty Ducks Home Uniform & 2013-14 Throwback Shane Doan - Arizona Coyotes 1996-2003 Kachina Black Uniform & 2015-17 Throwback
  9. Hot damn, you're right. The logo is supposed to have the Ottawa Senators script instead of the laurels. The numbers aren't within the sleeve stripes either. Such a simple jersey and yet they couldn't get two of the more unique elements right!
  10. The Kings aren't wearing their heritage jerseys until February, against the Avs and Canucks. It's too bad that the Kings won't be wearing their heritage jersey because on the same road trip they'll face Carolina in their Hartford throwbacks.
  11. Changed the stripes and added an outline to the star on the white jersey to remove the yellow-on-white. Because of those changes, the yellow or the white could be the top stripe. Spolier contains the same designs with the thinner stripes.
  12. Ideally, I wouldn't put the yellow and white next to each other. Minnesota was lousy with yellow-on-white throughout their history. I modeled this set on the 1979 design, but there's definitely a way to avoid it in a redesign. Despite the consistency between the logos, the yellow star needs a border.
  13. Did not expect to see this much discussion, but the it is the North Stars after all. The following set, I imagined would have been unveiled in 2013, the same year IRL that Dallas switched back to green and Minnesota released their more traditional white jersey. Based on comments from @the admiral, @DastardlyRidleylash, and @Morgo, it's probably more likely that this change or something similar would have happened in 2010 or even earlier. Only change between the two sets in the white yoke on the first green jersey. The shoulder logo is a roundel with the N in the middle, a design which both Dallas and Minnesota have employed. Other potential directions to start from will be making the switch back to the N star earlier (late 1990s) or starting in 1991 ignoring the ST^RS look.
  14. I've been sitting on some of the suggestions for a while. I have an Islanders concept with teal, not a full timeline, and I have most of the what if the Canucks kept using the SiR (not sure where to go with it in the early 2000s). I did however finish the what if the North Stars never moved... First off, other than the removal of the word DALLAS, the uniforms follow the same trajectory had the team not moved. They keep the black heavy set that they introduced in 1991, darken the green and make the stripes thicker, then switch to the star template in 1999. One change is the introduction of a Minnesota patch in the same vein as the real life Texas patch. In 2003, the North Stars introduce a black third jersey with an animal head as the crest. They would wear it until the Reebok Edge era. With the new jersey cuts, the star template is no longer viable, the team is forced to redesign their uniform. They take the opportunity to finally add the word NORTH to their logo. They would later add a MINNESOTA wordmark on their new third jersey. This set takes cues from the Stars' awful Edge jerseys as well as the Wild's original set and alternate. The North Stars embrace the faux/throwback trend in the next update! It's been a while, but C&C is always appreciated! Other what if scenarios are also welcome and I will hopefully get to them without a 5 month hiatus this time.