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  1. As a CPP alum, I love the colors and the inclusion of the CLA design! I never thought of using just the pattern when designing the jerseys for the school's roller hockey team. Great work and attention to detail!
  2. Nashville's wearing their RR uniform in Columbus tonight against Columbus's normal home uniform. First color vs color game of the season 3 days before the Bruins and Flyers go gold vs orange. I don't think Nashville was scheduled to wear theirs tonight either.
  3. Henderson's numbers are illegible on the AHLTV feed. Also, while I like the chrome helmet in theory, that makes 4 shades of silver/gray/black which is just one too many. The black upper arms make the helmet seem stranger too.
  4. Mostly Regular v RR, but there are about a dozen confirmed RR v RR. I still haven't seen any announcements from the Red Wings, Blackhawks, Islanders, and Sharks, so there could be more. 1/30 - Maple Leafs at Oilers 2/15 - Predators at Stars 2/20 - Avalanche at Golden Knights 2/21 - Bruins at Flyers 2/23 - Penguins at Capitals 2/23 & 25 - Oilers at Canucks 2/27 - Kings at Wild 3/6 - Wild at Coyotes 3/21 - Penguins at Devils 4/6 - Predators at Red Wings (Not confirmed, by why would Detroit wear their normal white uniform vs Nashville's RR?) 4/15 - Flyers at Penguins
  5. That could be it also. They might be saving them for the regular season.
  6. I'm guessing they're going to be used for certain games, like when Nashville originally wore gold helmets only on Saturdays, because those are definitely dark gray.
  7. Canucks announced that they're wearing their Reverse Retros on 2/19 & 21 vs the Jets and 2/23 & 25 vs the Oilers. The 2 games against the Oilers will feature RR vs RR.
  8. There's enough metallic silver in Henderson's logo that it kind of works, but the flat gray fabric still clashes too much with it imo. Now, a chrome helmet with a metallic silver jersey a la Vegas's gold alternate, that would be...interesting? Maybe?
  9. Three other besides the outdoor games confirmed so far: 1/30 - Maple Leafs at Oilers 2/27 - Kings at Wild 3/6 - Wild at Coyotes
  10. I think the Ducks are wearing their orange uniforms for both games. My question is why they decided to wear them against Vegas for all 4 home games. Sure one of them is the game in Tahoe, but you couldn't mix in games against any of St. Louis's dark uniforms or LA's Reverse Retro?
  11. They added the game in Minnesota on 2/27, so that should be beautiful game between 2 of the nicest Reverse Retros.
  12. Carolina's wearing their Reverse Retro for only 2 games. Should be a classic-ish match up since Chicago and Detroit are the only teams from their division who played against the original version of this uniform plus they both still wear pretty much the same thing as they did back then.
  13. I'm surprised that teams can wear their Reverse Retro jerseys that often. I figured it would just be max 2-3 times. I wonder if Edmonton will wear theirs when they meet on 2/6.
  14. Probably should have worded it different. I'm not sure exactly if it was mandated, but I know I saw it talked about that the league did everything to avoid teams doing that. It might just be relating to the fact that, unless it's league approved, one team has be in white. I'm guessing they let it slide in 2019 because it was a marque event and the giant logos helped to differentiate the two teams. Yep...
  15. It's happened before, but that had to be before the league mandated the use of different helmet colors. Closest recent examples were the 2012 Winter Classic and the 2019 Stadium Series.
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