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  1. I think even if they just made the collar green it would look better. Quick and dirty fix of that and adding white trim as most people have mentioned.
  2. Based on a quick Wikipedia search, I don't think it's ever happened going back to 1967. Let's see some history Avs!
  3. That's a good idea. I'll start looking into how things might have shaken out. I'm busy most of this week, but I'll have a few more alternate takes, so I'll that to the list.
  4. Plot twist: the Hurricanes could wear red on the road for the postseason! They've already played a red vs blue game in the preseason against Tampa. If they end up playing Washington though, well there goes that idea.
  5. Here's how those logos would look in what would be the Kings' Cup winning set... And after the Adidas takeover.
  6. Decided to post the rest of this new timeline starting with the same crest swap in 2002. The crown becomes the primary, the numbers on the purple jersey become white because there's just not enough contrast with the purple, and the socks swap for the two dark jerseys. With the switch to Reebok in 2007, the changes are similar to what happened in real life with the hem stripe going away, but the LOS ANGELES staying. The cuffs are curved similar to what happened to St. Louis. When the Kings introduce a new alternate jersey, they somewhat go back to their roots by dropping black and bringing back the striping pattern from the '90s. I wasn't sure which looked better so I'll leave it up to you. While this is certainly not the best logo they could have gone with (since it's basically just a recolor), coming up with a suitable replacement wasn't as easy as I'd hoped. I'm open to suggestions though!
  7. Moving on to the early 2000's, the Kings darken their colors and add black full time. The logos are basically recolors of their shield and crown as those wouldn't necessary change design just because they didn't switch to black and silver. To differentiate the originals from this set, the stripes on the arms move to the cuffs to match the hem. So as not to look like St. Louis, the gold stripe is much thicker. Tomorrow, a few subtle changes in 2002.
  8. I actually went back and forth which way the gradient would go.
  9. In 1996, the Kings introduced one the strangest jerseys of all time. It reintroduced purple and gold for the first time in 8 years in the logo and numbers. They wore the jersey with their regular home helmet, socks, and pants. In this timeline, the Kings bring back a gold jersey, but add black to the color scheme. Like the Canucks, they wear solid colored socks and their road helmet. The King's crown is also the same color as the jersey as opposed to the metallic gold of the original.
  10. They don't look too bad, especially on the white jersey, but the outline on the purple jersey seems weird. Having the sides closed like the real black and silver version kept the outline from weighing down the left side.
  11. What if certain teams/franchises in the NHL never rebranded or moved cities? Many other people have done their own renditions, so I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring too. Starting off, what if the LA Kings never adopted the colors of their then neighbors the LA Raiders? In 1988, at the introductory press conference for Wayne Gretzky no less, the Kings unveiled their brand new logo, jersey, and colors. If they hadn't changed the latter, what would the Great One's jersey have looked like? Rather than just recolor the logo from that era, I took the logo used in promotional materials throughout the '80s and cleaned it up. The speed lines are gone for an overall cleaner look to the KINGS text. The striping pattern on the jersey mimics the outlines of the logo and fits with the aesthetics of the time . Version 1 - Single outlined numbers Version 2 - Double outlined numbers C&C is always appreciated. Tomorrow, the Kings introduce their first alternate jersey!
  12. The Canadiens have done it 3 times with numbers 5, 12, and 16 and the Maple Leafs have 6 pairs of the same retired numbers with 1, 4, 7, 9, 10, and 27. The latter is different though since most of those were honored and acknowledged by the team until they decided to formally retire them last year.
  13. I've only ever come across 2 in the NHL and both were terrible. Boston Bruins 1995 (They switched to black helmets soon after.) LA Kings 2003 (Teams have gotten a lot better with throwbacks since then.)
  14. For the 5th time in NHL history, home teams went 9-0-0. It's never happened where 10 or more have won. The Senators have won on each of these days and all by wide margins. March 17, 1996 - Ottawa over Tampa Bay 5-0 October 9, 2003 - Ottawa over Montreal 5-2 November 20, 2003 - Ottawa over Carolina 6-1 February 28, 2004 - Ottawa over Buffalo 7-1 November 6, 2018 - Ottawa over New Jersey 7-3 Plus 3 of these dates happened during the 2003-04 season!
  15. Didn't think this needed a new thread, but the 2020 AHL All-Star game is going to be in Ontario, CA. The logo was unveiled at the Kings vs Kings scrimmage.