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  1. This is AWESOME. Anyway you would be willing to do something like this with a basketball underneath instead of a soccer ball. And change the name to Khans? (I have ZERO logo making talent, and am trying to create the "KANSAS CITY KHANS" for a NBA 2K relocated franchise) If not, I totally understand. Either way, you've def. got LOTS of talent.
  2. So, I'm creating a New Baseball League for my personal use only. (Will start with 16 teams. 2 Conferences with equal divisions). Through gradual expansion, I'd eventually like to get to an MLB- like Structure in terms of the number of teams and division alignment (obviously I'll use my own divisions and conferences.) Here are the Locations and/or Names I have. Would love suggestions from all of you brilliant folks. And if you'd like to help by throwing out some logo ideas, that would most assuredly help your case in me selecting one of your ideas. North American Baseball League LEAGUE 1 (name TBD suggestions welcome ) Heartland Division: Wichita WARLORDS or WILDMEN Springfield STALLIONS or SWARM DAKOTA DRAGOONS or DESPERADOS OMAHA ______________ eventual expansion teams: Tulsa __________ Joplin__________ Dodge City MARSHALS or DEPUTIES Kansas City _______________ Rocky Mountain Division: Glenwood Springs(Colorado) ____________ BRECKENRIDGE BIGHORNS Wyoming WARRIORS MISSOULA ______________ eventual expansion teams: Las Vegas GAMBLERS or OUTLAWS Boise BUSTERS (like Bronc Busters) Taos (New Mexico) Toros Salt Lake City CONVERTS or ______________ League 2 (TBD suggestions welcome ) Appalachian Division: RICHMOND REBELS KNOXVILLE NIGHT TRAINS MORGANTOWN MOONSHINERS MYRTLE BEACH MANATEES eventual expansion teams: ATLANTA ASSAULT MEMPHIS MARAUDERS LOUISVILLE LYNX GATLINBURG GRAYS Metropolitan Division: BOSTON BRIGADE or BEANTOWNERS/BEANS (play on Beantown nickname) HAMILTON(Ontario) HUSKIES NEW BRUNSWICK NORTHERN LIGHTS NEWARK NOMADS eventual expansion teams: D.C. (washington) DONS or DEFENDERS BROOKLYN BANDITS QUEBEC QUEENSMEN MANHATTAN MOGULS
  3. might try adding in some more shadowing...