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  1. This is excellent - and in every single way an improvement That DC football though is incredible though. Wow
  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo Looking forward to some sweet O'Rangers - this is a great idea! The addition of blue numbers to the Wisps looks great. That's a solid design and very fitting of the Wisps I'm really digging the racing pattern RR so far. Around the arms you'll lose most of the detail under the arms so a bit of a shift would help but it's a great choice. I'd look for a bit of a different font for the captaincy, but the number font looks like a decent fit for RR. They absolutely need red-yoke jerseys though I think a bit of a flat and simple look will fit RR better though. So what if we dropped the strokes around the numbers & captaincy and ditched the black framing strokes around the waist & arm striping?
  3. Split98

    Grizzly Concept

    Was B, but the update nailed it
  4. I think these look great. I like giving the Bengal-stripe some framing and purpose here - it gives a classic look to a design that can look tacky sometimes The numbers stood out to me too but mainly for giving Browns vibes. I think it's a great look, but differentiating themselves would be a big part of a good Bengal's design. Without the helmet, the Bengal stripes are less dominant (I think for the better) so on a fan it could be too close for comfort! I think that orange offset-outline will bring it back to a good Bengals look, but I can see that being a dominant orange (not too bad a thing). But increasing the thickness of the white strokes bordering the Bengal-stripe could help give you the balance you're looking for